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    2010 Hummer H3: Safety Rating
    2010 Hummer H3: Safety Rating

    The 2010 Hummer H3 is hard to beat when it comes to truck-inspired styling and impressive off-road ability. However, there are such disadvantages as poor fuel economy, lack of utility, and poor outward visibility. Moreover, the 2010 Hummer H3 is a stylish vehicle as well as a safe one. The safety aspects of this expensive vehicle were reported by U.S. News. The H3 was given a rating for crash tests, visibility, rollover, air bags, and onstar system categories.

    Having passed front impact crash tests, the model received five stars for driver safety and four stars for passenger safety from the federal government. As for side impact crashes, the H3 was given five stars for front and rear safety. While most SUVs get a four-star score in rollover category, Hummer H3 received three stars due to 24 percent rollover risk in a crash.

    As it was mentioned earlier, the vehicle, unfortunately, has poor visibility in the rear, and in order to solve this issue an optional rearview camera is recommended. As for the air bags, Hummer H3 with dual front air bags and head curtain side air bags is solid enough to protect you in the accidents. The H3 boasts a popular OnStar system with many safety features, among which are: emergency dispatch, diagnostics, automatic crash response, navigation capabilities, etc.