Hummer Cargo Carriers

    About Hummer Trailer Hitches

    It isn't easy to choose the right car accessory without knowing the limitations of your vehicle and the weight you need to carry. Surely, you should know the difference between hitch types and understand what type is the most suitable for your vehicle. Nowadays, the auto market offers four types of trailer hitches: weight-distributing, weight-bearing, gooseneck, and 5th wheel. A weight-distributing trailer hitch has spring bars, which means it can transfer a part of the trailer's weight on the front wheels. Weight-bearing hitches put all weight of the trailer's tongue down on the suspension. The other two hitch types have been made specially for trucks and have to be installed inside the truck bed.

    If you have a Hummer vehicle, you can choose any of the mentioned types. We gathered a whole variety of Hummer trailer hitches on our website to save your time and show every single option available on the market. Each product offered here is made of first-rate materials by the most respectable companies such as CURT, Hidden Hitch, Cequent, and many others. Just browse our inventory, and be sure you will find the product you are looking for in a minute!