Hummer Belts


There are automobiles, and there are Hummers. The latter are everything the automobiles are and more. And it's no wonder since their grandpas HUMVEES are heavy duty military trucks. A Hummer can make its way through anything, whether it is deep water, dirt roads, overgrown forest paths, or anything else. Its 16 inch clearance, ability to climb over 22 inch obstacles and wade through 22 inch deep water make this vehicle unstoppable – a true titan of the road. It would be a real tragedy if this powerful vehicle was stopped by something as simple as a rubber belt. However, that is a very real possibility.

If the car belt is not replaced when it gets old, worn out, and cracked, it might stop snap in the most unexpected moment. This will start a chain reaction, stopping all of the parts that are dependent on the belt, as well as the engine. So, be smart – replace the Hummer belt in time. You will find a vast collection of excellent Hummer belts at Whether you are the proud owner of the powerful Hummer H1, H2, H3, or H3T, you will find what you are looking for on our site. The Hummer belts we sell are produced by world-renowned brands, such as Gates, Four Seasons, Bando, Mitsuboshi, and several others. So, browse through, and choose a perfect Hummer belt right away.