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Originally based in the City of Industry, California, in 2004, HPS Silicone Hoses is nowadays a company with an enviable reputation. Right from the get-go, the manufacturer specialized in providing multi-application silicone hoses and has since managed to establish itself as a proven leader in the automotive industry arena. By extensively leveraging their knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, HPS is able to handle the specific requirements of end-users.

Not merely content to rest on its laurels, HPS continues to improve and challenge themselves in the pursuit of excellence, which is typically manifested by show quality products. The company provides innovative and efficient solutions that are widely used by the professionals in various different industries including high performance racing vehicles, commercial trucks, marine, turbo diesel, food and beverage, as well as a number of general manufacturing industries.

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The question in many minds is what actually makes HPS hoses so highly sought after? First and foremost, HPS silicone items outperform most of the hoses currently on offer by providing so-hard-to-find custom shapes and sizes to ensure the most efficient operation. Furthermore, HPS hoses feature four-ply reinforced high temperature material and so meet or exceed SAE J20 standards. That’s what is really worth everyone’s attention because using the wrong type of hose increases the possibility of its rupturing. In addition, all HPS products are covered by a a limited lifetime warranty.

  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Air Intake with Hose Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Air Intake Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Air Intake Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Silicone Hose
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Air Intake Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Short Ram Air Intake Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Air Intake with Heat Shield
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Red Air Intake Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Silicone Heater Hose
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Silicone Intake Hose
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Silicone Hoses Installed
  • HPS Silicone Hoses® - Silicone Hoses Installed

HPS revolutionized the industry thanks to their all-embracing range of performance hoses. While some items are ideal for coolant and turbocharged pressure applications, the fluoro silicone-lined hoses are safe to be used with petroleum-based fuel and oil. Manufactured from premium grade silicone with heavy wall design, the parts can withstand extreme pressure while also featuring outstanding tensile strength and ultra flexibility.

In addition to a long list of performance hoses, HPS offers a variety of air intakes that are a class apart from the other ‘ordinary’ items. The air intakes are perfectly suited to the practical needs of enthusiasts who seem to be enjoying the benefits they reap after installation. The air intake systems proudly labeled HPS are designed to help the engine suck in more air and give you dyno-proven performance gains while also maintaining the safe air/fuel ratio. 'When failure is not an option' is the prevailing rule of the company's management. That being said, in the near future HPS will, in all likelihood, become a brand to be reckoned with nationwide and internationally. Catering so slavishly to the demands of enthusiasts, it is also a safe bet that the company will expand globally with their infinite scope of custom products. And for today, it is a trustworthy brand that delivers what it promises!

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