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    The Honda Element is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 2003 till 2011. This 4-seat vehicle is surprisingly tall and very spacious, so it gives a great possibility to carry bulky loads, and you can easily carry bikes, skis, surfboards, snowboards, and other large loads without using trailers and bike racks. It is obviously that the Honda brand produces reliable vehicles, so the Element is great to recommend for its spacious interior, balanced handling and a powerful four-cylinder engine. It is possible to say that the Honda Element has a level of versatility which sets it apart from many other compact SUVs and small wagons.

    Of course, the Honda brand guarantees high quality and reliability of its vehicles, but we know there is nothing eternal in this world. So, what to do if you got lighting problems driving the Element? CARiD could help you to fix your problem fast and easily. We have a full assortment of lighting parts for the Honda Element on our website, and it is pretty easy to make an order for any part you need. If you need new headlights, tail lights, or other lighting parts for your Element, don’t waste your time and make your order now!

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    Production of Honda Element Crossover is Minimized Due to Low Demand
    Production of Honda Element Crossover is Minimized Due to Low Demand

    Honda has officially discontinued production of the crossover Element. The model production will be finished till the end of the current model year. The reason for this decision is not specified, though according to some sources, the car was taken off the assembly line because of the low market pull.

    For eight years of its existence (the car was introduced in December 2002) there were sold more than 325,000 vehicles. By the way, for the first eleven months of the current year there were sold 12,960 vehicles – should be there were 12.960 vehicles sold, along with 279,000 models of Accord sold during the same period. In November, in the U.S. there were sold 939 Elements, which is 78 cars less than the same month last year.

    This model is offered with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine producing 166 horsepower fitted with a five-speed automatic transmission. The Element was produced with front-wheel drive or Honda's optional “Real Time” four-wheel drive system – a hydraulically-actuated system that operates only when front wheel slippage occurs. Crossover has classic “suicide doors”, as well as special accessories (including a bowl of water and ramp) that is why this model has been repeatedly called the best “dog car” and the best vehicle for campers.