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About Honda Del Sol Trailer Hitches

It’s not possible for a person to ride their bike everywhere. Eventually they will get tired and run out of steam. There are, however, parks and trails designed specifically for bike riders who want a challenging or invigorating path to ride on. Until recently, the only way to transport a bike was to put in the backseat of one’s car and for those whose car isn’t big enough, they had no other option. But now you can look through Honda Del Sol trailer hitches at CARiD to find one that works for you. You can also try something like the Universal Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier by Lund. Once you’ve found your trailer hitch you simply hook the bike rack up to the receiver and you can load as many bikes as your rack can hold. Most bike rack hitches can hold two to three bikes so you and your family can enjoy a great ride. If you’re going with a group of people, hitching a trailer to your trailer hitch is a great idea. You can load a small trailer full of bikes and helmets and get to your destination quickly.

Aside from vertical bike hitches, you can also attach a horizontal hitch to your trailer hitch. Typically, a horizontal hitch bike rack can hold up to 5 bikes. Whether you get a big or small bike rack however, all you need is a Class 1 Del Sol trailer hitch from CARiD to get the job done. A Class 1 trailer hitch has a weight capacity of 2000 lbs. That’s more than enough weight for several bikes, helmets and any other accessories that you may need like beverages or snacks for your ride bike. Long mountain biking trips are a common type that requires the need of a trailer hitch to hook up your bike rack or trailer for the long haul.

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