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The CR-Z is the perfect vehicle for your daily tasks because of its comfort, style, small size and the large amount of space inside. That means that you’re probably using it every single day so whether you’re going to work, taking the kids to school or just going up to the store you want to make sure that it looks as good as it possibly can. Your vehicle makes a statement about you to everyone who sees it so it needs to look exactly right and this can be a difficult task but there are a number of accessories to help.

One of those accessories is the car grille and we have a range of them to suit your individual preferences and your vehicle. They provide the same functionality as your standard grille so that they continue to allow air through to your radiator while protecting it from any road debris but they do it with a lot more style. The visual effects can be subtle yet stunning so they can control the statement that your CR-Z makes about you to anyone who sees it. They’re a cost effective way to make your car a little bit unique.

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    • T-Rex® Upper Class Mesh Grille
      (133 reviews)
      # 535
      Upper Class Mesh Grille by T-Rex®. Impressive top-quality stainless steel mesh guarantee the perfect look of your vehicle's front. Hand-assembled in the USA.
      $69.86 - $1,828.83
    • T-Rex® 3-Pc Upper Class Series Black Mesh Bumper Grille Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 1362667
      Upper Class Series Black Stainless Steel Formed Mesh Bumper Grille Kit by T-Rex®, 3-Piece. Includes Main Bumper Grille and Side Grilles. The grilles offer high quality and best fit. Top-quality stainless mesh will guarantee a...
    • T-Rex® 3-Pc Upper Class Series Polished Mesh Bumper Grille Kit
      (0 reviews)
      # 1359718
      Upper Class Series Polished Stainless Steel Formed Mesh Bumper Grille Kit by T-Rex®, 3-Piece. Includes Main Bumper Grille (Fits All Models) and 2 Pc Side Grilles (Fit Ex Models Includes Fog Lights Only). The grilles offer high...
    • RI® Chrome Billet Grille
      (0 reviews)
      # 491696
      Chrome Billet Main Grille by RI®, 1 Piece. Why have the front of your vehicle look like all the rest when you can easily show some style? Give your vehicle a custom look with this unique and distinctive grille. It’s an easy and...
    • RI® Chrome Mesh Grille
      (0 reviews)
      # 491707
      Chrome Mesh Main Grille by RI®, 1 Piece. When you’re driving down the road, the front of your vehicle is the first thing people see. With this distinctive Mesh Grille, you’ll make a statement people will remember. Its assertive...
    • Pro Comp® Grille Emblem
      (0 reviews)
      # 2549474
      Universal Grille Emblem (1001NFB) by Pro Comp®. .75 in. Grille Badge; .75 in.; No Fear.
    • Pro Comp® Grille Emblem
      (0 reviews)
      # 2549473
      Universal Grille Emblem (1000NFB) by Pro Comp®. 1.25 in. Grille Badge; 1.25 in.; No Fear.

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    The grille on your car or truck is its most distinctive signature, and it's one of the first things people notice about your ride. A well-designed grille can make it easy for those with even a passing interest in cars to recognize the type of vehicle you drive. In our Car & Truck Custom Grilles section, we allow you to go a step further with grilles that...
    Say that you want a black grille. What is right for you? The advice is to go for grille surfaces in durable materials and to stay away from finishes that are overly sensitive to chemicals that are common in the automotive world. ABS plastic, chrome and stainless steel – polished or chromed, are always safe bets. If you choose a painted grille, make sure that the...
    If you’re shopping for a different grille for your car or truck, you’ve probably come across terms like “replacement”, “insert”, and “overlay”, and wondered what they mean. As the name implies, an overlay grille installs over your existing grille. The insert grille replaces the main part of your existing grille, it “inserts” into the grille...
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