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    If you are a speed lover, then you must equip your Honda Civic SI with a spoiler. An aftermarket spoiler added to the top of your car's rear window will enhance the aerodynamics of your vehicle and greatly improve its overall look. Moreover, at an increased speed, this accessory will help you turn, brake, and accelerate more safely and easily. The matter is that when your Civic SI runs over 140, it starts dragging. But a spoiler added to you car, will reduce this drag and give your vehicle better traction at a high speed.

    Honda Civic SI spoilers come in various shapes, colors and designs. To name a few, you have factory style rear spoiler, factory style rear spoiler with light, custom style rear spoiler with 3RD brake light, and also universal rear spoiler. A majority of these accessories, regardless of their design are made from the materials that are lightweight, like carbon fiber, ABS plastic, polyurethane, or fiberglass. These materials are highly flexible and very durable, so they won’t crack for centuries. Most of the Honda Civic SI spoilers that we carry come unpainted, but thanks to our computerized color-coding system, you can pick the exact factory-match paint for the aftermarket accessory.

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    2002 Honda Civic Si
    | Posted by | (Las Vegas, NV)

    The product came well packaged and a day ahead of schedule.

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