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    Honda Civic Natural Gas will be sold nation-wide
    Honda Civic Natural Gas will be sold nation-wide

    Honda has been selling natural gas powered compact passenger cars for more than ten years. For 2012, Honda Civic line consists of Civic, Civic Si, Civic Hybrid, and Civic HF (already offered at dealers), and Civic Natural Gas which used to be called Civic GX. The last of the line Civic is actually the only natural gas powered OEM-built passenger car available for sale in the U.S. and it will be available at dealers in autumn. At the moment the Civic Natural Gas is sold in just four states (New York, Oklahoma, Utah and California), but Honda is expanding its retail sales to nation-wide.

    Operating entirely on Compressed Natural Gas and driving just like the gasoline model, the Civic Natural Gas is 12.5% more fuel efficient in the city and 5.5% more effective on the highway compared to its predecessor. What helps to preserve the exclusive properties of Natural Gas is the intake and exhaust regulators, special fuel injectors, and valve seats. The model's fuel tank is situated among the rear wheels. A higher compression ratio is achieved due to stronger connecting rods and special pistons. Honda's special ECO Assist technology is included to improve efficient vehicle operation. This technology also provides a visual feedback for efficient driving style confirmation. As a vehicle which runs on fossil fuels, it produces the lowest CO2, rather than all vehicles, except for a couple of hybrids. The vehicle is likely to please customers with big concern for environment. Honda Civic Natural Gas was already approved by the environment-concerned authorities of California. While back in 2009 the sales of the CNG-burner went up after it was graded as the greenest vehicle in the land multiple times by the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy), new Civic GX will surely gain popularity.

    2012 Civic Concept Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show
    2012 Civic Concept Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show

    The Honda Civic Si Concept coupe and Civic Concept sedan made their world debuts at the 2011 NAIAS. The revealed models will probably not keep their ‘concept’ status for too long, as they underpin the styling direction of the ninth-generation Civic set to go on sale this spring.

    As it has been already mentioned in the press, the Civic Concept looks pretty much similar to the current model. The most significant differences are a more energetic styling with smoothed-up lines and big 19-inch wheels. No official specs for the 2012 Civic has been announced yet, but the company plans the 2012 range to include conventional gasoline models, two sport-style “Si” performance versions, one hybrid and a natural gas model. The Civic hybrid will feature a lithium-ion battery pack, and according to Honda reps, most Civic models will also come with Honda Eco Assist technology, previously used on hybrids only.

    The Civic concept has got a warm welcome at the Detroit Auto Show, but it’s up to the production car to indicate whether the Civic remains as popular as the previous generations.