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Few accessories personalize your car or truck as much as a custom grille. Besides the distinctive look, you also lose the manufacturer’s badging that usually is attached to the OEM grille. With a custom grille, instead of bearing identification as just another one of the automakers’ cars or trucks, your vehicle is now your unique ride. But what if you’re proud of what you drive and still want to display the maker’s logo, do you try to reuse the OE emblem?

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Like the OE grille, the original badging is most likely made of plastic. It’s also been exposed to airborne dust, dirt, and debris; rain, snow, and ice; and the sun’s UV rays, leaving it abraded, faded, and generally worn out – not the sort of thing you want to display on your new custom grille. And depending on the shape and method of attachment, removing and reusing the OE emblem may not even be physically possible.

You can upgrade your emblem along with your grille with our custom car & truck emblems. We have many vehicle manufacturers’ emblems and model badges, as well as custom badges. Most of our emblems are made from sturdy billet aluminum, so they’ll stay looking good for years to come. They’re polished to a high luster or powder coated if color is called for, and they come with fasteners or attach with 3M adhesive tape. In addition to grille emblems, we also offer emblems for trunks and tailgates. Let one of our emblems be the finishing touch to your custom grille installation.

But even if you have an original equipment factory grille, you can still upgrade your emblem. Instead of a weather-worn, scratched and faded old emblem, wouldn’t a brand new shiny polished billet aluminum, or fresh powder coat painted emblem look better? Or if you want to tell the world you’ve arrived, how about a chrome emblem with crystals? The combination of chrome and crystals will reflect the light in ways that will dazzle the eye, for an unforgettable look. The crystals are available in your choice of clear or in colors.

If you’re restoring a classic or muscle car, then you know about emblem wear. Such badges have been subjected to not just a few years but decades of wear, rendering them unsuitable for reuse in most cases. The emblems for such cars are the jewelry that sets off gleaming paint and chrome and they not only have to look perfect, but be correct in every detail to pass judging. The emblems we carry are made by firms that specialize in manufacturing faithful reproductions of original parts. In fact, their parts are so good many have been approved by the OE manufacturer and licensed to be sold as genuine replacement parts.

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4.3 of 5
2008 Chevy Impala / Posted by Mitchell (Halifax, MA) /

Finally got the emblems put on was gonna do it myself. The directions were easy enough, but someone hit me. So I had a body shop do it when they fixed my car. Also added a hood for looks. I would recommend them to anyone add some style to my car with stock grill it looks like I bought a custom grill and they look great. I'd go with the bordered ones over the plain symbol but that's me. Thanks guys can't wait to buy some performance parts for my baby.

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