Grant® 3289 - Steering Wheel Installation Kit

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Grant® - Steering Wheel Installation KitGrant® - Steering Wheel Installation KitGrant® - SEMA 2011 602x420Grant Authorized DealerGrant Special Offers
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Steering Wheel Installation Kit (3289) by Grant®. Contains all components needed to fit a Grant custom steering wheel to your specific make and model vehicle. Features a replacement die-cast hub, cover plate, wiring, bolts, O-ring, horn spring, and other items needed to complete installation and make the horn operative. These are make and model specific for your car or truck, and are not designed for vehicles originally equipped with airbags.

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  • Each installation kit is custom designed to fit your vehicle make and model
  • Also designed specifically for your custom steering wheel
  • Required for mounting Grant® steering wheels
  • Features die-cast hub, cover plate, wiring, bolts, O-ring, horn spring, and more
  • Contains sturdy, durable spring for keeping horn plate separated from contact area
  • Adapters and other accessories are available for swapping different styles of steering wheels onto your original installation kit
  • Not recommended for use on vehicles originally equipped with airbags

Grant steering wheel installation kits take the pain out of installing your new custom steering wheel on your vehicle. Easy-to-follow instructions lead you step by step through the process of hooking up the replacement die-cast hub, hardware, and horn wiring. Should you decide to swap a different style of steering wheel onto your installation kit at a later point, adapters and other accessories are available from Grant to make that possible. Should you have any questions on the Grant Installation Kits we sell, our specialists are available 7 days a week to help answer them.

You’ll find the installation instructions very thorough and helpful, and they will guide you through the minor adjustments and fine-tuning that can sometime be necessary. For example, if there’s either a large gap or rubbing (interference) between the post cover steering column, Grant kits are built to allow for a 1/8" gap between the post cover and the steering column. If needed, instructions will guide you through adjusting steering column sections for a perfect fit. If your new Grant Steering Wheel is too close to the turn signal, wiper, or shift levers, Grant® offers an extension piece that mounts between your installation kit and steering wheel to allow two extra inches of clearance. And if you find your newly installed custom steering wheel protrudes too far back towards your chest, wheel placement can be revised with an available 1-inch spacer that replaces the standard 2-inch piece.

Since 1922, Grant Products has been a leader in the field of automotive products. After getting its start with engine overhaul kits and parts, Grant became involved in automotive racing and supplied many engine components that set records on the salt flats of Bonneville and on the pavement of the Indianapolis Speedway. Grant diversified into steering wheels for race cars in the 1960s and pioneered many advancements using woods and plastics in construction. After introducing tilt-wheel conversion kits and street-legal quick release steering wheel kits for theft prevention, the company became so successful with their steering wheel line they opted to focus solely on it. Today, Grant Products produces a wide range of modern and retro style steering wheels for boats, heavy trucks, ATVs, golf carts as well as passenger cars. When a well-made, stylish custom steering wheel is what you want, Grant® is the only name you need to know.

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Vehicle Fitment

This part is compatible with 243 vehicle(s)
Year Make Model Fitment Notes:
1991 Ford CF7000
1991 Ford CF8000
1991 Ford Country
1991 Ford E-series
1991 Ford Escort
1991 Ford F-150
1991 Ford F-250
1991 Ford F-350
1991 Ford F-450
1991 Ford F53
1991 Ford F59
1991 Ford F600
1991 Ford F700
1991 Ford F800
1991 Ford LN7000
1991 Ford LN8000
1991 Ford LTD
1991 Ford Mustang
1991 Ford Tempo
1991 Lincoln Continental
1991 Lincoln Mark VII
1991 Lincoln Town Car
1991 Mercury Capri
1991 Mercury Colony Park
1991 Mercury Grand Marquis
1991 Mercury Topaz
1991 Mercury Tracer
1990 Ford CF6000
1990 Ford CF7000
1990 Ford CF8000
1990 Ford Country
1990 Ford E-series
1990 Ford Escort
1990 Ford F-150
1990 Ford F-250
1990 Ford F-350
1990 Ford F-450
1990 Ford F53
1990 Ford F59
1990 Ford F600
1990 Ford F700
1990 Ford F800
1990 Ford FT800
1990 Ford LN7000
1990 Ford LN8000
1990 Ford LTD
1990 Ford Mustang
1990 Ford Tempo
1990 Lincoln Continental
1990 Lincoln Mark VII
1990 Lincoln Town Car
1990 Mercury Colony Park
1990 Mercury Grand Marquis
1990 Mercury Topaz
1989 Ford B600
1989 Ford B700
1989 Ford C8000
1989 Ford CF6000
1989 Ford CF7000
1989 Ford CF8000
1989 Ford Country
1989 Ford E-series
1989 Ford Escort
1989 Ford F-150
1989 Ford F-250
1989 Ford F-350
1989 Ford F-450
1989 Ford F53
1989 Ford F59
1989 Ford F600
1989 Ford F700
1989 Ford F800
1989 Ford FT800
1989 Ford LN7000
1989 Ford LN8000
1989 Ford LTD
1989 Ford Mustang
1989 Ford Tempo
1989 Lincoln Continental
1989 Lincoln Mark VII
1989 Lincoln Town Car
1989 Mercury Colony Park
1989 Mercury Grand Marquis
1989 Mercury Topaz
1988 Ford Aerostar
1988 Ford B600
1988 Ford B700
1988 Ford Bronco II
1988 Ford C8000
1988 Ford CF6000
1988 Ford CF7000
1988 Ford CF8000
1988 Ford Country
1988 Ford E-series
1988 Ford EXP
1988 Ford Escort
1988 Ford F-150
1988 Ford F-250
1988 Ford F-350
1988 Ford F-450
1988 Ford F53
1988 Ford F59
1988 Ford F600
1988 Ford F700
1988 Ford F800
1988 Ford FT800
1988 Ford LN7000
1988 Ford LN8000
1988 Ford LTD
1988 Ford Mustang
1988 Ford Ranger
1988 Ford Taurus
1988 Ford Tempo
1988 Ford Thunderbird
1988 Lincoln Continental
1988 Lincoln Mark VII
1988 Lincoln Town Car
1988 Mercury Colony Park
1988 Mercury Cougar
1988 Mercury Grand Marquis
1988 Mercury Sable
1988 Mercury Topaz
1987 Ford Aerostar
1987 Ford B600
1987 Ford B700
1987 Ford B7000
1987 Ford Bronco II
1987 Ford C8000
1987 Ford CF6000
1987 Ford CF7000
1987 Ford CF8000
1987 Ford Country
1987 Ford E-series
1987 Ford EXP
1987 Ford Escort
1987 Ford F-150
1987 Ford F-250
1987 Ford F-350
1987 Ford F600
1987 Ford F700
1987 Ford F7000
1987 Ford F800
1987 Ford F8000
1987 Ford LN7000
1987 Ford LN8000
1987 Ford LTD
1987 Ford Mustang
1987 Ford Ranger
1987 Ford Taurus
1987 Ford Tempo
1987 Ford Thunderbird
1987 Lincoln Continental
1987 Lincoln Mark VII
1987 Lincoln Town Car
1987 Mercury Colony Park
1987 Mercury Cougar
1987 Mercury Grand Marquis
1987 Mercury Lynx
1987 Mercury Sable
1987 Mercury Topaz
1986 Ford Aerostar
1986 Ford B600
1986 Ford B700
1986 Ford B7000
1986 Ford Bronco II
1986 Ford C600
1986 Ford C700
1986 Ford C7000
1986 Ford C800
1986 Ford C8000
1986 Ford CF6000
1986 Ford CF7000
1986 Ford E-series
1986 Ford EXP
1986 Ford Escort
1986 Ford F-150
1986 Ford F-250
1986 Ford F-350
1986 Ford F600
1986 Ford F700
1986 Ford F7000
1986 Ford F800
1986 Ford F8000
1986 Ford FT800
1986 Ford LN7000
1986 Ford LN8000
1986 Ford LTD
1986 Ford Mustang
1986 Ford Ranger
1986 Ford Taurus
1986 Ford Tempo
1986 Ford Thunderbird
1986 Lincoln Continental
1986 Lincoln Mark VII
1986 Lincoln Town Car
1986 Mercury Capri
1986 Mercury Cougar
1986 Mercury Grand Marquis
1986 Mercury Lynx
1986 Mercury Marquis
1986 Mercury Sable
1986 Mercury Topaz
1985 Ford B600
1985 Ford B700
1985 Ford B7000
1985 Ford Bronco II
1985 Ford C600
1985 Ford C700
1985 Ford C7000
1985 Ford C800
1985 Ford C8000
1985 Ford E-series
1985 Ford EXP
1985 Ford Escort
1985 Ford F-150
1985 Ford F-250
1985 Ford F-350
1985 Ford F600
1985 Ford F700
1985 Ford F7000
1985 Ford F800
1985 Ford F8000
1985 Ford FT800
1985 Ford L800
1985 Ford LN600
1985 Ford LN700
1985 Ford LN7000
1985 Ford LN800
1985 Ford LN8000
1985 Ford LTD
1985 Ford Mustang
1985 Ford Ranger
1985 Ford Tempo
1985 Ford Thunderbird
1985 Lincoln Continental
1985 Lincoln Mark VII
1985 Lincoln Town Car
1985 Mercury Capri
1985 Mercury Cougar
1985 Mercury Grand Marquis
1985 Mercury Lynx
1985 Mercury Marquis
1985 Mercury Topaz
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Grant® - Steering Wheel Installation KitGrant® 3289 - Steering Wheel Installation Kit    
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