GMC Savana Wood Grain Dash Kits showcases a complete line of GMC Savana Wood Grain for a wide variety of tastes. Choose from elegant Real Woods, techno-sporty Real Carbon Fiber, Synthetic Woods, and more. Quality is our first priority and we don’t accept anything less. Neither should you. Sherwood® and B&I are on hand to fill up our inventory with the premier design that does the job right. Molded 3D Kits that contour with unerring smoothness as well as classic 2D Flat Kits are available for you to take a swing at. Installation of your new GMC Savana Wood Dash is not a stress-inducing project – simply follow the schematic for a breezy “stick on” procedure. Each piece will adhere with heavy-duty OEM-precision and outlast your vehicle. You even get a Lifetime Warranty to go along with the improved cabin décor! With GMC Savana Wood Grain, your style comes through in more detail than ever before. We’re just here to make it easy on you.

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Molded vs Flat Dash KitsMolded vs Flat Dash Kits
There are two types of dashboard kits available on the market today: flat and molded. The difference between these two is based on the shape of the dashboard a vehicle has. Some cars are coming out with a flat panel while others have a board that is curved around the edges or in 3D shapes. Correspondingly, molded dash kits are suitable for the latter kind of the...
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