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    For more than 4 decades, the CK has been a favorite full-size pickup truck among hard-working contractors, and a variety of professionals who heavily depended on its unfailing reliability and cargo-transporting excellence. The GMC’s CK pickup truck is a hardened workhorse which over the course of many years has been put through many trials and manifested itself as a strong and durable machine. Although your CK is no longer being produced, there are still plenty of accessories available to extend its functionality and make it look like a boss.

    With CARiD, you have an opportunity to make your classic pickup truck haul like a beast and look like a champ. With our extensive selection of GMC CK bed accessories you will be able to revive your truck back to its former days of glory. From long work weeks to fun filled weekends, no matter what your truck is being used for, we carry only those high-performance truck bed accessories which you will feel proud to mount on your rig and use for any difficult task at hand. Add a set of sharp-looking bed bars along with a pair of polished stainless steel side rails, and instantly you’ll have a ride which will turn heads and spark a lot of attention.

    Unlock your pickup truck's full useful potential and turn it into a Swiss Army knife on wheels. Make your cargo easier to load, stow, organize, retrieve, and secure with the full line of truck bed accessories available from CARiD. Check over 1 bed accessories reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessories that are perfect for your pickup.

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    "Works like advertised! Great!"