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    When the towing and hauling needs don’t ask for capabilities of a full-size pickup truck, the compact GMC Canyon will handle most of your demands with plenty of confidence - from a weekend hauler to a sporty city truck, it’s got the versatility and practicality you’d expect from a mid-size pickup truck. It offers three different body styles and powertrain options including the available V-8 with the galloping 300 ponies to make most of your hauling/towing tasks easily implemented. In order to transform your Canyon into a nimble hauling machine, the one which will be recognized from afar, you need to supplement its arsenal with a number of high-quality Canyon bed accessories.

    At CARiD we have picked a handful of essential truck bed accessories made by the top names in the aftermarket industry who are devoted at delivering high-quality products that you can trust and depend on. With the help of the durable GMC Canyon truck bed accessories you will be able to tackle the toughest of jobs and protect your truck’s cargo bed from wear and tear caused by the shifting cargo and the frequency of its use. From tough bad mats to the rugged tool boxes, we carry a complete line of truck bed accessories to make your Canyon look and perform to the best of its abilities.

    Unlock your pickup truck's full useful potential and turn it into a Swiss Army knife on wheels. Make your cargo easier to load, stow, organize, retrieve, and secure with the full line of truck bed accessories available from CARiD. Check over 14 bed accessories reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessories that are perfect for your pickup.

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    "It's the best net I bought so far."

    2012 GMC Canyon
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    "After having the tailgate stolen and $400 to replace, I added this guy for an instant fix, and it looks very nice and is easy to replace. Thanks!"