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Showing 1-15 of 87 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 87 Products

    Wherever power has to be transmitted from one point to another, customers worldwide put their faith in the GEMO G. Moritz GmbH & Co. KG. Founded in Berlin in 1922, GEMO develops, designs and produces flexible shafts and control cables. The trust enjoyed by GEMO all over the world stems from its perfected quality-management system, devised in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9000 series of standards as well as the guidelines issued by the VDA (Association of German Automobile Manufactures).

    Experience in a variety of technical fields of application for radial and axial power transmission forms the basis for innovative solutions. GEMO flexible shafts, produced for a very wide range of fields of application, are indispensable for the transmission of rotary and axial motion, and are established fixture in many engineering sectors, especially the automotive industry.

    The company's extensive product range offers solutions for the most varied of applications, including speedometer shafts, shafts for adjusting seats, helix cables and screw shafts for sun roofs, and remote-control shafts. And its hobby shafts introduce top-class technology into the hobby room.

    Thanks to their precision and reliability, GEMO control cables are a firmly established feature in the domestic and international automotive industries. Its extensive product range offers solutions for the most varied of applications. Be it clutch cables, vent operators, accelerator cables, handbrake cables, or remote-control cables - the company can offer ready-to-install control cables for many fields and applications.

    GEMO flexible shafts and cables stand out thanks to their superb quality and longer then average service life. Quality is a key tenet of GEMO day-to-day business – since 1922. Tradition has a future. And is an obligation – every day. With every GEMO product you know you will be getting a product of first-class quality. Because to guarantee perfect products the company uses only selected materials.