About Freightliner FLD

    The Freightliner trucks are known all over the world as the most durable medium-duty, heavy-duty, and severe-duty trucks. By the time the company was bought by Daimler AG in 1981, Freightliner had already five decades of experience in trucks design and production of high-quality parts and accessories for Freightliner trucks. The resale became a turning point for the company as it brought investments that made Freightliner the best heavy-truck manufacturer in the North American market. The Freightliner trucks has always been synonymous with trucking reliability, and the severe-duty Freightliner FLD series offered in 1988 is not an exception.

    In 1996 The Freightliner Corp. introduced modified versions of its FLD series trucks: the FLD 120 Conventional and FLD 112 Medium-Length Conventional trucks. The trucks came with new such new Freightliner parts as as electric windows and 10-speed Eaton Top-2 Transmission. The 10-speed transmission worked manually through the first nine gears and automatically shifted between the top two gears. As long-haul drivers mainly use the 9th and 10th speeds, this new transmission helped to reduce driver's fatigue. The bottom bunk was placed 5'' higher than in original versions, creating an 8.3-cubic-foot compartment for a cooler. This under-bunk cooler and storage option were offered for the models with 48-inch, 58-inch, and 70-inch SleeperCabs. Both sleeper box and sleeper cab types featured comfortable interior that came with ergonomic bunk system and enough space for a single user. The sleeper cabs were offered with individual sound and climate control systems.

    The Freightliner traditional severe-duty trucks FLD 120 and FLD 112 have the power and agility required to overcome extreme conditions and severe environments, providing at the same time maximum productivity. The Freightliner FLD 112 model is available with 112-inch aluminum cab and with a set-back front axle for increased maneuverability. The Freightliner FLD 120 SD is available with either a set-back front axle or a set-forward front axle for maximum weight distribution. The steer axles are rated up to 20,000 lbs, while the drive axles are rated up to 52,000 lbs. The truck features lightweight aluminum cab and parts that minimizes vibration and noise. The FLD 120 SD is powered by 12.7 L Detroit Diesel Series engine, though Caterpillar and Cummins engines, offering the maximum output of 550 hp, are available as well. The FLD 112 SD features a 12 L engine developing 400 hp. There are offered 9-18 speed manual transmission provided by Meritor and Fuller, and 5-6 speed automatic transmission by Allison. The truck is available with Meritor front and rear axles rated up to 52,000 lbs, and with a variety of options designed to increase truck efficiency and performance. Available as a truck and a tractor, in a day cab and in three sleeper cab configurations, the FLD series is the truck you can rely on.

    There's no shortage of bulk when it comes to the Freightliner FLD. Conquering highways all over the continent, the Freightliner FLD has flexed enough muscle during its time of service to have gained a reputation that will last forever. The Freightliner FLD stands out with superhuman strength, remarkable performance, and comfy confines. The only missing piece to the equation is your influence. Thanks to CARiD's selection of Freightliner FLD accessories, that is no longer a problem!

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