About Freightliner Coronado

    In January 2001, Portland gathered the inspired audience for the launch of a new Freightliner product. The new Freightliner Coronado was unveiled to join the conventional-cab truck line. The Coronado was named a flagship for the market, and its introduction opened a new chapter for Freightliner Trucks. The Coronado heavy-duty truck demonstrates strong commitment to comfort, performance, safety, reliability, strength, and fuel efficiency. Aggressive exterior accessories of the Freightliner Coronado combine both retro and contemporary style. Freightliner family tradition provides the Coronado with such parts as long hood, set-forward front axle, dual cab-mounted stacks, and bolt-on fenders. Fuel tanks are designed with polished aluminum finish while air intakes, sun visor, and grille bars are chromed. The polished aluminum wheels are a part of standard package.

    Powerful heart of the Coronado is hidden under the hood. Heavy-duty diesel engine of the series 60 produced by Detroit Diesel is installed for achieving up to 515 hp with 1450-1650 lb-ft torque. Another variation of the Coronado engine is produced by Caterpillar to run up to 600 hp. The Freightliner Trucks provides a choice of Coronado cab configurations: the 70-inch raised-roof sleeper cab, 70-inch medium XT (Extra Tall) raised roof sleeper cab, and Day Cab for bulk and regional haulers. Less time and efforts are required for access to the engine compartment by means of two strut bars. Excellent maneuverability of the giant is achieved by a 50-degree wheel cut. With its ergonomic design and accessories, the message center of the Freightliner Coronado guarantees the driver to receive all the required information from the instrumental panel in time. Inside, the Coronado is equipped with Premium Chaparral package of the Freightliner Coronado parts, with padded cloth or vinyl upholstery along with the distressed leather and Oregon Burlwood grain finish. The comfort of the Coronado is maintained by substantial noise abatement package. The critical parts of the Freightliner Coronado, such as hood, doors, sleeper wall, are manufactured with insulation added for the quit drive. The Colorado cabin is equipped with the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning system).

    In 2004 the Freightliner Trucks put the comfort of the Coronado interior accessories on the higher level. The 132-inch BBC long conventional truck received the new Oasis Tan Chaparral cloth for the standard package. Four other packages, with four different color trims, were available as options. The softness and luxury of the Coronado cab was achieved by velor applied for the interior. The same 2004, Freightliner Trucks manufactured ConMet PreSet aluminum wheel hubs as standard on the Coronado heavy-duty truck. The new aluminum alloy hubs added to the vehicle performance, cost efficiency and extended seal and bearing life.

    Having established itself as one of the most dependable haulers on the pavement, the Freightliner Coronado makes no bones about what it is designed for: getting everything from point A to point B. But it does so with strength, consistency, and performance, three qualities that are always at a premium within the industry. Now all that's left to be done is inject some of your personality into the vehicle. With's array of Freightliner Coronado accessories and parts, getting the job done is quick and easy!

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