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For some people, the main purpose of buying a car is to be able to travel safely and with a big group while for others, the intention is to use it for towing. Even though there might be a world of difference between the towing capacity of a car and a truck with the latter being a much larger figure, hitching a trailer on to a car also has its advantages. Once you discover the many of uses for a trailer, you will soon be looking at the Ford Windstar trailer hitches at CARiD in quest of one perfectly suited for your vehicle. A word of caution here would pertain to checking the maximum weight which your Ford Windstar will be able to tow safely. Flipping through the car manual is the best way of acquiring this information. You should then always weigh the load before assigning it to the trailer so that you do not strain the hitch or the vehicle.

Towing a trailer behind a car means the second vehicle is totally dependent on the first. This implies that your car should be on the pinnacle of its working condition if it is meant for towing, particularly the brake. Imagine the nightmare that would follow if driving on the road with a trailer following behind and suddenly you realize that your brake system is not responding. Selection of Ford Windstar trailer hitches should also be based on the terrain that you will be driving on. For example, some hitches are able to bear the load while hurtling down the hill while still others make it easier for the vehicle to pull the load up the hill. Bearing these points will ensure a judicious selection of the trailer hitch that’s perfect for the job, and this in itself is a big step in ensuring that you and your load will reach your destination as safely as possible.

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If you are using your "daily driver" car or truck for occasional towing duty, you are looking for that ideal sweet spot where the weekday commute is comfortable and quiet, and the weekend trailering feels solid and secure. In other words, you don't want to vehicle to feel too "stiff" during the week, nor do you want it to ride "soft" when pulling a trailer.
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2003 Ford Windstar
| Posted by | (Lynden, WA)

This was an easy installation once I got the holes drilled and found all of the access holes in the frame. I did the installation in my driveway, and it fit perfectly on my 1999 Windstar. Made in the USA, can't beat that, and now I can use my bike rack and luggage carrier. Thanks for a great product.

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