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The Ford Taurus is quite popular among small families. It has a distinctive styling design and impressive driving dynamics. It is affordable in price and possesses a reasonable fuel economy. The cabin is spacious and roomy, comfortably accommodating five people. Installing a good set of tires will enhance the Taurus’ performance, safety and ride quality. CARiD stocks Ford Taurus tires from the most reputable brands in the country. They carry up market brands such as Michelin and Achilles. They also stock the more affordable tires as well to cater for a broad spectrum of customers. Some of the tires on offer include summer tires and winter tires for warm and cold seasons respectively. They also offer all season tires for regions that enjoy a short winter period. These tires however are not as effective as the specialized tires in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

Regular tires are ideal for paved roads such as the freeways. However, they are ill equipped to handle rough tracks. You need a set of all terrain tires to drive on the rough paths of the great outdoors. You may also need a run-flat tire because this enables you to drive on safely even after suffering a damaged tire. Tread patterns affect performance and hydroplaning resistance. Aging tires have reduced thread life due to the debilitating effects of weather and terrain. Reduced threads hinder the free flow of air through the grooves, which is necessary for cooling the tire. Increased heat buildup leads to failure and risks of suffering a blow out and a puncture. Worn out tires also have increased porosity and leakages thereby increasing the likelihood of punctures and blowouts. Many of the Ford Taurus tires in stock come with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors to monitor air pressure and temperature. These devices submit data to the vehicle’s computer and warn the driver when particular tires have significant under inflation.

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Replacing a standard size steel wheel with the same size of cast light alloy wheel improves performance and road-holding considerably, without any reduction in comfort. Further improvement in road-holding comes with increased wheel size, combined with a corresponding reduction in the height of the tire walls, a procedure called “Plus-Sizing”.

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2000 Ford Taurus | Posted by Jerry | (Knoxville, TN)

I bought these tire several weeks ago and took them to the 'cheap' place to have them mounted and balanced. Mistake! After two attempts at balancing, the car still shook and they told me it was the tires. I then took the car to Tire Barn and told them what had happened. They then proceeded to re-balance the tires , and all I can say is that I can't wait to drive the car (and its only a Taurus). Despite the fact that I don't like China anything, I could not afford to go to my regular tire dealer and pay twice as much for tires with an American name that might be made in China anyway. I would recommend these tires to anyone and highly, highly recommend CARiD to anyone also. The price, the online service, the shipping are second to none!

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