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    The aftermarket is a popular place for car owners to go when they are trying to make a big or small improvement to their car or driving experience overall. As a rule, those who buy these products are expecting to get something of good quality, something that fulfils its purpose and usually lasts for long terms. While all of the products sold are complimented and praised by sellers, many low-quality products have appeared on the market, and many people are not sure how to distinguish real custom-made items to knockoffs or copies. We at CARiD have a long history of offering only the finest products to our customers, so you should have no qualms when purchasing our Ford Taurus rain deflectors.

    These accessories are made by such big-name manufacturers as Putco, Wade, WeatherTech, and AVS. Naturally, high-grade materials like acrylics and polycarbonate. Unlike many other items offered on the market, these accessories truly carry out their purpose, blocking wind, rain, snow, and any other nuisances from entering your car through an open window. Installation is quite straightforward, and the deflectors themselves do not take up enough space in your window’s frame to limit your movements.

    Don't let the weather dictate how you cruise. Install a set of quality Rain Guards and enjoy fresh air cruising as the rain drops fall, quieter trips without tiresome wind noise, and come back to a cooler parked vehicle without excessive interior heat. Our Rain Guards are designed and manufactured for precise fit, ultimate functionality and long lasting durability. Check over 5 Rain Guard reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the Rain Guards that are perfect for your vehicle.

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    You don’t realize how effective rain guards are until you experience them, and once you have them on your car or truck you wonder how you got along without them. Wind deflectors can be installed in the window channel or they can be taped to the body. Your preference depends on how much you like the way a particular wind deflector looks on your car or truck.

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    2013 Ford Taurus
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    "I was a bit doubtful when I ordered this product from CARiD. I had bought the same product for my Pajero earlier from a local manufacturer, but was totally disappointed as it was cracked and also one was flung away when I was driving. When I received my package from CARiD, I was amazed at the quality of the finish of the product. The toughness is amazing so is the finish. I was a bit concerned when installing, but found it like a hot knife in butter. So fast and so quick without any hassles. Believe me, the product is wonderful tough and highly finished. It has been on my for full summer, and I have already been asked by guys on red light where did I get this. A full 7 star product; that is great and a full value for my money. Thank you, CARiD!"