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The true definition of a crossover is an SUV that combines great off-road capabilities with the practicality and comfort of a minivan. Another way of explaining what a crossover is or should be is to simply take a look at the Ford Freestyle. The Freestyle makes versatility its middle name with the best characteristics of both vehicles. One reason for this is ample cabin room which is able to accommodate up to seven passengers. Spacious cabin and superior handling make the Freestyle a great antidote for those who are sick of driving clunky minivans.

The quality of the vehicle's ignition system can have huge repercussions on how the car functions. So if you think that your Freestyle ignition system has seen better days, you should do something about it, for example, with the oxygen sensor by Accel. Accel knows that quality ignition system components are a sure way to provide optimum performance. So all their products are tested to work in the most efficient way to give you maximum gains. They are built from the toughest materials and can be installed easily.

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An oxygen sensor (also known as an O2 sensor or Lambda sensor) is a sensor designed to generate a reading based on the content of oxygen in an automotive exhaust system. The sensor itself is made of a ceramic compound with porous-shaped electrodes coated in platinum, surrounded by a protective metal shell casing. O2 sensor casings are threaded, and the entire unit...
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