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    If you plan to purchase a dash cover, you can't even imagine how many options you have. There are many types of dash covers, including plastic and suede, but the most popular ones are considered to be velour and carpet. You must know that different materials not only provide a different look for your vehicle's interior but also different kinds of protection. And if you are wondering what type of a dash mat to choose, we will tell you about the most reliable and stylish of them.

    All dash mats sold at will protect your dashboard from harsh UV rays and dirt and keep your vehicle cool on hot days. Carpet dash mats add a warm, homey look to your interior and are available in many colors. For example, we can offer you carpet rear deck covers by Coverking, polycarpet dash covers by Dash Designs, carpet dash covers by Coverking, and many other carpet dash mats. Velour and suede dash covers, on the other hand, provide plush comfort to your dash and make your interior look luxury. In stock, we have velour dash covers by Coverking, suede dashboard covers by DashMat, designer velour dash covers by Dash Designs, and many other products. We guarantee that all dash covers are easily installed and will fit the unique contours of your Ford Focus.

    Unlike many companies that sell automotive parts and accessories, we encourage our employees to actually test available choices on their own cars before we offer them for sale. Because we want you to be satisfied with what we offer, we also invite you to take a look at over 4 product reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to see what customers who have already purchased from us say. And if you have specific questions about any dash covers we sell, our specialists are available seven days a week to provide answers.

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    2010 Ford Focus
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    "The cover was a nice fit for my Ford Escort, but the dash near the windshield has some contour that was not built into the dash cover. This could easily have been fixed with additional velcro attachment points, but the only attachment points were along the front of the dash, so the carpet near the windshield does not lie flat. The cover does do what it is intended to do and looks good, though it would look better if it could lay flatter."