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Being involved in a head-on collision is traumatic enough. While dealing with the bill for the bodywork that will be needed to repair your Ford Five Hundred, the last thing you need is to be confronted by a huge bill for a replacement grille too. Granted, there are cheaper alternatives out there, but most are either used parts or of sub-par quality that may even need to be machined in order to fit. Fortunately, we have exactly the solution that you need in the form of Replace grilles that are much more reasonably priced while still of the highest possible quality.

As a brand, Replace has a well-earned reputation for being replacement parts specialists. The attention to detail that they put in when manufacturing their grilles ensures that it matches the original equipment (OE) measurements and specifications. Using the latest software along with modern tooling, Replace is able to create exact replicas of the factory parts that will definitely fit perfectly when they are installed. More importantly, because of the lack of dealership markups – these parts are considerably more affordable and will help you get your car back to road-worthiness without breaking the bank.

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The grille on your car or truck is its most distinctive feature, and the first thing people notice when you’re coming down the road. In fact, the grille on some vehicles is so recognizable that most car buffs can tell the make and model with just a glance. Words like like billet, mesh, punch and CNC may confuse you while choosing a grille. Read on to navigate...
Say that you want a black grille. What is right for you? The advice is to go for grille surfaces in durable materials and to stay away from finishes that are overly sensitive to chemicals that are common in the automotive world. ABS plastic, chrome and stainless steel – polished or chromed, are always safe bets. If you choose a painted grille, make sure that the...
If you’re shopping for a different grille for your car or truck, you’ve probably come across terms like “replacement”, “insert”, and “overlay”, and wondered what they mean. As the name implies, an overlay grille installs over your existing grille. The insert grille replaces the main part of your existing grille, it “inserts” into the grille...
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