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As citizens, we are judged based on a lot of factors: our achievements, our image, our family life, our friends, even the cars we drive. Cars have always been a symbol of wealth and achievement, but this is felt especially strongly today, where most people in the civilized world own a car. Although owning a flashy car might seem like a significant achievement in itself, drivers should continue to keep their vehicle in working condition and even improving it, no matter what kind of car they drive. This shows others that you are a progressive, forward-thinking person, and that you have your own sense of style. You can improve your car in many ways, but the most common and most effective one is undoubtedly customization. You can choose from a large number of upgrades and accessories like the Ford Fiesta caliper covers sold at CARiD to make your driving experience better.

These covers are always installed on the caliper – the part of the brake that functions like a clamp, slowing down the wheel. Of the many benefits you’ll receive by installing these custom covers, the best are: less overheating, reduced brake fade, protection from brake dust, preservation of paint on the caliper.

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Some calipers, particularly some of the basic single or 2 piston models, just aren’t that great looking. Painting them will pretty them up, but won’t change their basic design. But painting means a lot of time and effort for possibly questionable results. You can always count on caliper covers to look great. For the average popular late model car they’re...
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