Ford F-550 Tonneau Covers

Big wheels, high clearance, capacious truck bed. Your Ford F-550 is an ultimate solution for bad roads and reliable cargo transporting. But there is still an issue you should take care off – safety of your cargo. Leaving it in an open truck bed exposes goods to harsh winds, hard rains and burning sun. Even worse – it’s a great opportunity for thieves to feast on your unprotected luggage. You don’t want any of these, do you? No one does. Make your move – install a tonneau cover.

We are happy to offer you any kind of tonneau cover you may want: hard and soft, folding, retractable, and roll-up covers, manufactured from aluminum, fiberglass, or hard plastic. Each type is a compromise between safety and convenience of use. Each cent you spend will be put to adequate use. Besides safety issues, this solution comes with a cut in gas consumption (making your vehicle more aerodynamic) and a stylish look. Your truck will race down the highways like a bolt of lightning with no wind drag slowing it down. The bargain just can't be more profitable! We are here for you all the time. Make up your mind, and we'll fulfill your dreams!

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All tonneau cover types will provide protection from sunlight and UV rays, and keep strong winds from blowing debris into or items out of the bed. Some covers offer sophisticated water draining systems that work similarly to the gutters on your house, directing rainwater in channels to a drain hose. Read on to find out, which tonneau cover is right for your truck.
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