Ford F-450 Trunks & Tailgates

The F-450 in your driveway is as tough as they come. Viewed from the front it looks like a mean locomotive; from the rear a caboose. This beast can haul nearly 20,000 pounds, with three full grown cows standing in the truck bed! You've been contemplating going to the Ford dealership to buy a new tailgate, to replace your dinged up or rusted one that's no doubt served its purpose. So, it's time to retire your damaged tailgate to the scrap heap, so it can be recycled and be reused for something else. Consider purchasing a brand new Replace tailgate that comes with a no-cost, anxiety-easing lifetime warranty, rather than the much pricier dealer part.

One thing that truck owners complain about when it comes to dealing with aftermarket parts companies is the dreaded “not available” that comes up when looking for replacement parts for their vehicle. Replace won't subject you to that kind of unnecessary aggravation, they have a long line of late model and classic OE tailgates, like the hard-to-find OE# EOTZ9940700A, and EOTZ9940700B tailgates for F-Series' from the eighties and nineties. Depending on the year of your truck, you'll also see tailgate accessory parts and truck bed panels from Goodmark on the order page for your vehicle.

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