Ford F-150 Cargo Carriers

    About Ford F-150 Trailer Hitches

    With all the different kinds of Ford F-150 trailer hitches on the market, choosing one that will work on your truck can be very confusing. There is a receiver hitch that will attach to the truck underneath, usually on the actual frame. This type of hitch is made so that the trailer weight is mostly carried through the tongue, meaning that around 10-15 percent of the load is going to be applied to the tongue and the ball. A weight distributing hitch is used with a receiver hitch which will also need some special parts. These parts are able to distribute the weight evenly between the axles on the trailer and the truck. Always make sure you are only towing what the truck can handle. The good thing is that in this regard, every hitch you seek is available at CARiD. You only need to find it.

    There is a good variety of Ford F-150 trailer hitches at the shop. The gooseneck hitch is mounted in the bed of the pickup. These are usually in the shape of a rectangle. These will have a coupler and a ball mount on them. Again these are for the bigger trailers that are meant for hauling heavier items on them. The 5th wheel hitch is actually mounted in the middle of the inside of the truck bed. These are usually used with the bigger pickup trucks since there is lots of weight being pulled with the trailer on. It does not matter if you’re planning to tow a boat, several vehicles or the camper you love to use by the lake; buying a hitch is a must. If you are looking to purchase a receiver hitch, then remember that there are other accessories that you might need. Most Ford trailer hitches from CARiD have covers or even tie downs to help keep the load in one place on the trailer.