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    The Escort May Reappear in the Ford Lineup
    The Escort May Reappear in the Ford Lineup

    Ford Escort that used to be very popular back in 1980's (though quickly lost its popularity) may revive soon. As stated by Next Energy News, Ford is developing a new 100 mpg plug-in hybrid named Escort which will appear in 2011. The future model will be nothing like old Escort, making you forget the negative feelings found with usual Escort, because it won't share design or platform with other Ford vehicles. Moreover, the hybrid system is not expected to be either leased, or borrowed from any other automaker.

    Ford has chosen the Single mode Plug-in Hybrid system, giving up on the Dual-mode Hybrid offered by GM and Chrysler, expecting it to be premium with the introduction of “Super Batteries”. Named "Super Batteries", the nanotech lithium-ion batteries from A123 Systems are expected to last for 10 years/150,000 miles. Indeed, these batteries are superior due to high power technology used, which is based on new highly active nanoscale materials. The materials, in their turn, are quick charging, non explosive, inexpensive, and nontoxic.

    The new Escort Hybrid will eventually become a rival to the Prius and the forthcoming GM Volt. Ford is actually in urge to release the 2011 Escort before the Volt hits the market.