Ford Crown Victoria Trailer Hitches

If a person is not purchasing a truck the odds are slim that they will need a hitch at some point when they need to haul a trailer. There are many vehicles that can pull a trailer with ease, the Ford Crown Victoria being one of them. Some of the more popular varieties of Ford Crown Victoria trailer hitches are the receiver type and the fixed drawbar. They are both simple to install on the actual chassis or even the bumper on the rear of the vehicle. Once installed a trailer can easily hook to the ball and lock in place. A point that the buyer needs to keep in mind is there are different classes of hitches from 1 through 4. Each class stands for how many pounds can be pulled with the particular hitch. For example, class one can handle 2000 pounds maximum, while class 2 can handle 3,500 pounds maximum. Class 3 is best for handling 5,000 pounds maximum at one time. Finally class 4 can handle 10,000 pounds maximum but will need lots of horsepower to pull uphill.

There are different sizes of balls that can be used with the Ford Crown Victoria trailer hitches. The ball could be from 1 7/8” to 3” depending on what size will ensure the trailer is attached safely. There are, additionally, different accessories that can be purchased for the hitch. Some examples would be a tube called a raw receiver, tow rings, license plate holders, or even skid shields. No matter what individual requirements you might have when looking for a trailer hitch, one thing that is sure is that you would prefer buying from a company that has quality products at hand, like CARiD. In case you are not sure which hitch is needed for your Crown Victoria, a specialist from will get back to you with relevant information pertaining the product to choose.

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Ford Crown Victoria Trailer Hitches Reviews
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Wiring Harness Installation
2007 Ford Crown Victoria
| Posted by | (San Jose, CA)

Simple to use & easy to install. Only thing not covered was testing, if you don't have a trailer to test you need to ground out the ground plug on the male plug.

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