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    Good Old Rejuvenated Ford Bronco

    Nowadays, some people give more and more preference to the good old rugged cars and SUVs, which are almost forgotten by those who are constantly chasing the latest automotive trends. One of the most spectacular SUVs is the iconic Ford Bronco from the 70s. An enthusiast from Utah has brought an example of how an old and rusty Bronco can be turned into a modern off-road monster. It took the guy almost two years of efforts and investments to make his dream come true.

    In order to get this Bronco up and running, a lot of work was done, in particular the tailgate had to be fully restored, and the body renovated due to the rust and old paint, which really had to be removed. The SUV was painted in metallic black.

    The chassis and drive train had to be worked on as well. The frame was cleaned, stripped, and re-coated in gloss black paint. When the painting was accomplished, the frame was elevated with the lift components from Wild Horse. Axle hardware remained original, but it had to be somewhat redone. A Dana 44 front axel and rear Ford 9-inch retain the factory 96-inch wheelbase. The 16x8 Moto Metal 950 Series wheels are shod with 315/75R16 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrains to match the wheel wells perfectly. The new owner also made significant modifications to the engine compartment. His Ford received ’88 Mustang 302 V-8 roller cam engine with a GM's throttle body fuel injection. Besides that the Bronco was equipped with C4 automatic connected to a stock Dana 20 transfer case. The next stage was the completion of the plumbing, wiring, and all of the small remaining details. As for the exterior, this SUV received Proto Fab bumpers and cage. Xenon headlights and HID lights were installed to the front. A truly spectacular result of the owner's efforts is obvious.