Folding Tonneau Covers

Easy Access & Impenetrable Bed Protections

If you don’t have a garage, scooping snow and leaves out of your truck bed can be annoying. Investing in a fold up tonneau cover can make your life a lot easier. It covers your bed and keeps out everything that is unwanted. A fold up tonneau cover can also keep equipment in your truck secure while you are driving. This cover proves to be very useful, and owning one can definitely make you realize how convenient they really are!

Fold up tonneau covers are incredibly simple to access and put away, they just fold up! We have a great selection of fold up tonneau covers as well as many other vehicle parts and accessories here on CARiD that you can order from the comfort of your home or office. We’re here seven days a week and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our stock.

Owning a fold up tonneau cover has countless benefits. It can increase gas mileage on your truck up to 10% by reducing drag on your tailgate. It does so by not allowing air into the bed, which makes it so that air cannot accumulate and put pressure against the tailgate. Fold up tonneau covers keep your truck’s bed clean from leaves and snow. Also, fold up tonneau covers keep your truck secure from theft by allowing you to lock the bed of your truck, leaving nothing exposed for people to take.

If you’re wondering what exactly a fold up tonneau cover is, it’s a foldable piece of thick vinyl with aluminum supports that’s installed in the back of your truck. The aluminum can often hold up to hundreds of pounds. They are extremely resistant to deterioration, discoloration, and cracking from being in the sun. This makes the cover an extreme asset to anyone that doesn’t own a garage or has to leave their truck in the elements all day while they’re at work or out shopping.

The only problem that people seem to have with a fold up tonneau cover is when it’s not installed properly. You’ll easily be able to tell if this is the case because you’ll notice that the cover isn’t sitting properly in the back of your truck. If yours seems to be installed incorrectly, simply uninstall and reinstall it carefully. If it’s still not sitting properly, you may not have the right one for your truck and will have to purchase one that’s made for your specific vehicle. We carry fold up tonneau covers for various makes and models for this exact reason.

If your fold up tonneau cover becomes damaged, you’ll easily be able to tell because it won’t fit the back of your truck like it did when it was brand new. Although it’s relatively indestructible, everything wears with time and the more time your truck spends out in inclement weather conditions, the more chance you have of the wear and tear finally getting to your vehicle and its accessories. If something incredibly heavy is dropped on your fold up tonneau cover, you may also damage it and need to have it replaced.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a fold up tonneau cover for the first time, or looking to replace an old one, we’ve got what you’re looking for here on CARiD! We also sell a vast selection of other parts and accessories for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, making us your one-stop shop from home! If you’re still not sure that we’re the right company for you, simply take a look at fold up tonneau cover reviews and see what our existing customers have to say about us!

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Folding Tonneau Covers Reviews
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2003 Hummer H2
| Posted by | (Reno, NV)

This was easy to install and I have received a lot of complements.

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