Flowmaster® 842583 - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ Stainless Steel Muffler (Aggressive Sound, 2.5" Offset Inlet / 2.5" Dual Outlet)

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Flowmaster® - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ MufflerFlowmaster® - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ MufflerFlowmaster® - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ Muffler - 3D ViewFlowmaster® - Offset Inlet / Dual Outlet MufflerFlowmaster® - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ Muffler InformationFlowmaster® - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ Muffler Aggressive SoundFlowmaster® - 80 Series Cross-Flow™ Muffler 602x420Flowmaster Authorized Dealer
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80 Series Cross-Flow™ Stainless Steel Muffler (842583) by Flowmaster®, AGGRESSIVE SOUND, 2.5" Offset Inlet / 2.5" Dual Outlet. This is the ideal muffler for Camaros and Firebirds, providing true dual exhaust performance while fitting in the limited space available. It also is an ideal fit for other muscle cars where space is limited and true performance and a true performance sound is desired.

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  • Aggressive Exterior Sound Level
  • Increased Power and Torque Compared to Stock
  • Perfect Replacement for Camaro/Firebird OEM Configuration
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminized Mild Steel
  • Available with either Single or Dual Outlets
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel Mufflers

The 80 Series Cross-Flow Muffler fits transversely, behind the rear axle and in front of the fuel tank. With single or dual inlets, the 80 Series gives excellent ground clearance and aggressive tone. The mufflers are available with single or double outlets, making them a good fit for a wide range of muscle cars. They are the perfect replacement for OEM mufflers – offering vastly improved torque and horsepower combined with a true, aggressive performance sound. The mufflers are fully MIG welded for maximum durability and you have a choice between aluminized mild steel and stainless steel construction.

All Flowmaster mufflers are tuned for maximum performance. All Flowmaster mufflers produce a beautiful deep performance tone. Choosing the right Flowmaster muffler is not a technical decision – it is all up to your personal taste. It’s A Sound Decision®.

Flowmaster mufflers differ in technology and tuning, and thus in tone and character, to give your performance engine a sound to your personal liking.

Flowmaster mufflers employ two unique technologies developed by the company; the patented Delta Flow and the Laminar Flow. They give different characters of sound and can be tuned to achieve the desired exhaust note. Flowmaster Exhaust System Technology is so versatile, and gives such a high degree of control, that it is used both by racers, who want maximum power, and by the U.S. Air Force in Stealth applications where maximum silence and minimum heat emissions are prime considerations. Be it for a domestic or import truck, SUV, off-road warrior, daily driver, muscle car, euro-spec cruiser or sport compact vehicle Flowmaster always has the right muffler for you.

Brand: Flowmaster       Part Number: 842583       UPC: 700042024841
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Flowmaster® has its roots in solving the engine noise problems encountered by California racers in the 1980s. In 1983 Flowmaster’s founder, Ray Flugger, created his first patented design of racing silencers, which dampened noise with minimal loss of power. Ray attached handles to ease carrying the square shaped race mufflers through the race pits, and the mufflers became known as the "suitcase mufflers." Today, the innovative Flowmaster mufflers are the result of years of development with top race engine builders, thousands of hours of dyno research and "real-world" on-track testing.

Vehicle FitmentThis part is compatible with 78 vehicle(s)
Year Make Model Fitment Notes
2014 Chrysler 200    3.6L
2013 Chrysler 200    3.6L
2012 Chrysler 200    3.6L
2011 Chrysler 200    3.6L
2002 Chevy Camaro    Z28 / Z28 SS
2002 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
2001 Chevy Camaro    Z28 / Z28 SS
2001 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
2000 Chevy Camaro    Z28 / Z28 SS
2000 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1999 Chevy Camaro    Z28 / Z28 SS
1999 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1998 Chevy Camaro    Z28 / Z28 SS
1998 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1997 Chevy Camaro    Z28 / Z28 30th Anniversary Edition / Z28 SS 30th Anniversary Edition
1997 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1996 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1996 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1995 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1995 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1994 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1994 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1993 Chevy Camaro    Indianapolis 500 Pace Car / Z28
1993 Pontiac Firebird    Formula
1992 Chevy Camaro
1992 Pontiac Firebird
1992 Pontiac Trans Am    Trans Am / Trans Am GTA
1991 Chevy Camaro
1991 Pontiac Firebird
1991 Pontiac Trans Am    Trans Am / Trans Am GTA
1990 Chevy Camaro
1990 Pontiac Firebird
1990 Pontiac Trans Am    Trans Am / Trans Am GTA
1989 Chevy Camaro
1989 Pontiac Firebird
1989 Pontiac Trans Am    Trans Am / Trans Am GTA / Trans Am GTA SE
1988 Chevy Camaro
1988 Pontiac Firebird
1988 Pontiac Trans Am
1987 Chevy Camaro
1987 Pontiac Firebird
1987 Pontiac Trans Am
1986 Chevy Camaro
1986 Pontiac Firebird    2.8L / 5.0L
1986 Pontiac Trans Am
1985 Chevy Camaro
1985 Pontiac Firebird    2.8L / 5.0L
1985 Pontiac Trans Am
1984 Chevy Camaro
1984 Pontiac Firebird    2.8L / 5.0L
1984 Pontiac Trans Am
1983 Chevy Camaro    Berlinetta / Sport / Z28
1983 Pontiac Firebird    2.8L / 5.0L
1983 Pontiac Trans Am
1982 Chevy Camaro    Berlinetta / Sport / Z28 / Z28 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car
1982 Pontiac Firebird    2.8L / 5.0L
1982 Pontiac Trans Am
1981 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1981 Pontiac Firebird    4.9L / 5.0L
1981 Pontiac Trans Am    4.9L / 5.0L
1980 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1980 Pontiac Firebird    4.9L / 5.0L
1980 Pontiac Trans Am
1979 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1979 Pontiac Firebird    4.9L / 5.0L / 5.7L / 6.6L
1979 Pontiac Trans Am
1978 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1978 Pontiac Firebird    5.0L / 5.7L / 6.6L
1978 Pontiac Trans Am
1977 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1977 Pontiac Firebird    4.9L / 5.0L / 5.7L / 6.6L
1977 Pontiac Trans Am
1976 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1976 Pontiac Firebird    5.7L / 6.6L
1976 Pontiac Trans Am
1975 Chevy Camaro    5.7L
1975 Pontiac Firebird    5.7L / 6.6L
1975 Pontiac Trans Am
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