Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Permanent Fuel Treatment

Gasoline and diesel fuel degrade during transportation and storage. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst restores fuel to its optimal state for more efficient combustion, which results in increased fuel mileage, more power, and reduced emissions. Cleaner burning Fitch Catalyst treated fuel also keeps engine oil cleaner for extended change intervals, and reduces fuel system maintenance.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is the product of Advanced Power Systems International (APSI), Inc. of Torrington, CT. The company was founded in 1994 by a famous race car driver and inventor John C. Fitch, with the objective of creating a product that would both positively affect the environment and provide an economic benefit to the consumer. Originally conceived to provide gasoline stabilization, the production version of the Fitch Catalyst offered much more.

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Many fuel treatments on the market promise better fuel mileage, but they must be added to every tank full of fuel, where they are consumed along with the fuel. Whatever mileage increases you may realize are more than offset by the cost of the additive, which must be continually replenished. Not so with the Fitch Catalyst. The Fitch is a true catalyst, which is a substance that induces a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent change. With the Fitch Catalyst, you pay once and enjoy savings thereafter.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has been reviewed and tested by national automotive and recreational vehicle publications like Four Wheeler, Sport Truck, Muscle Car Review, Diesel Power, Diesel Tech, and others. Results varied, but generally all reported gains in fuel mileage, as well as improved throttle response, increased power, reduced emissions, and resistance to engine knock. The consensus opinion: unlike some devices that promise the world and deliver significantly less, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst works as claimed.

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2008 Chevy Avalanche
| Posted by | (Alsip, IL)

I was initially skeptical of the claims, but I bought one with hope. Was extremely easy to install (about 20 min). I drive a full size Chevy truck. If I keep my foot out of the throttle, on the highway, I see about a 3-mpg increase (not much in the city). When I put my foot in the throttle, there is a noticeable increase in power. Also, my idle has never been so smooth.

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