About Fiat Punto

    1993 was the year when Fiat unveiled its Fiat Punto hoping for warm welcome of the automotive market. The Fiat Punto replaced the Fiat Uno and became a successful representative of the supermini automobile class. Competitive price, recognizable design, and high-quality underhood parts allowed the Fiat Punto to capture the customers' attention and beat out Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo. The second generation Fiat Punto was released in 1999. Four years later, the Fiat Punto celebrated its 5,000,000th production and the second generation facelift saw the world.

    The 1st generation Fiat Punto was presented in three body styles: three-door and five-door hatchback, cabriolet, and van. The entry level Fiat Punto was available with 1.1L and 1.2L petrol engines or 1.7L diesel engine. The sporting version was manufactured with 1.6L engine producing 88 bhp. To increase performance, the sporting version was equipped with 5-speed manual gearbox and 1.4 GT based on the modified turbocharged 128 SOHC engine. This version was ready to reach 62 mph in 7.9 sec. The Punto cabriolet version in ELX and SX trims was one of the cheapest convertible cars of that time. Along with the standard models, the Fiat Punto had several modifications such as Punto 6Speed, Punto Selecta, and Punto ED. The Punto 6Speed was equipped with 1.1 L petrol engine and 6-speed manual gearbox. Punto Selecta had CVT-type automatic gearbox, and Fiat Punto ED was manufactured with 1.1L and 5-speed gearbox for economical drive and fuel safety. Being well-known for its advantages and top-quality accessories, Fiat Punto became European Car of the Year in 1995.

    The 2nd generation Fiat Punto showed stylish accessories followed by the original Fiat design. In addition, interior and engine parts of the Fiat Punto were modified. The entry level was equipped with 1.2 petrol or 1.9 diesel unit and with 96in wheelbase. The Fiat Punto sport version was offered with 1.2 L 16V engine and 6-speed manual, as well as with 1.8 HGT that was capable of 130 mph. The second generation New Punto entered the market in 1999 and was produced up to 2003 when another facelift came off, presented with the improved engine capacity. Three versions of HGT engine were available: 1.9 L Multijet diesel, 1.8 L 16v petrol, and 1.3 L common rail diesel Multijet. In October 2005, following an agreement made between the Serbian manufacturer Zastava and Fiat, Fiat Punto was introduced under the name Zastava 10. Such changes to the Fiat Punto parts lasted until March 2009, when after acquisition of Zastava, Fiat began to produce this model under the nameplate Fiat Punto Classic.

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