Ferrari California License Plates

About Ferrari California License Plates

CARiD is a leading company in car accessories and has a wide variety of great logo-bearing items like license plates and frames. CARiD stocks everything from the simple yet stylish classic plates to the frames sparkling with myriad Swarovski crystals. The shop stocks both license plates and frames from renowned names such as WeatherTech, AMI, Autoloc, AutoGold, Defenderworx, DWD, License 2 Bling and RBP. The Ferrari California license plates and frame stocked at CARiD are reliable and durable. A perfect example of Ferrari California license plates and frames is the Back2Back National Champions Vinyl Decal Silver Plate by DWD, which is a laser-cut Plexiglas. As the plate is made of Plexiglas, it can never rust, bend or corrode. The plexi is backed with a premium hard rubber coating for durability. The bolt holes are precut in the same pattern as normal plates, so it will fit in any standard license plate location or frame. This plate has wonderful features such as a vinyl logo covered with polyresin. It has a hard rubber backing for durability, has predrilled holes and fits all standard license plate frames. Amazingly, the plate comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another example of Ferrari California license frames is Ferrari Logo on Chrome Frame by AutoGold, which is a metal frame that will tell the world your brand loyalty while adding to the beauty of your ride. This frame has a laser-etched lettering and logos that will never crack, peel or fade because the powerful laser actually etches into the surface of the metal. The frame hardware cover has some stainless steel parts and some given a zinc coating. Having been stamped out of stainless steel, it will never corrode, rust or peel like less hardy materials. Check out the entire selection of custom made Ferrari California license plates to pick the one you’d love to rock on your California.

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