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The exhaust system on your vehicle is one of the most important core systems. Failures within this system, which can be caused by something as simple and routine as a gasket wearing out, can lead to catastrophic and expensive damage to the engine itself, as well as blowing exhaust valves and sapping power from your car. If you are having problems with your car's exhaust system, there is no need to panic as CARiD has all the replacement parts you need.

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The exhaust gasket serves as a sealed joint between the exhaust manifold, which combines the gases from all of the engine's cylinders, and the exhaust pipe where they are released. It creates an airtight joint between these two components, and this is important when it comes to preserving your engine's overall health. Like any other kind of gasket, exhaust gaskets can wear out over time, and when this happens you need to get a replacement fast.

Exhaust gaskets are round, and often referred to casually as 'donuts.' They tend to have beveled edges and a smooth, flat surface inside the ring, which allows them to clasp around the components they link together – i.e. the manifold and exhaust pipe – creating an air tight grip. Due to the high temperatures they have to endure, they are usually made of fireproof materials, including asbestos. They are also known as exhaust flange gaskets, and like other automotive gaskets, they vary in size depending on the vehicle.

The exhaust gasket on you car can wear out and loosen over time, and if this happens, you need to replace it as soon as possible because it can lead to gas leakages, cause blown exhaust valves, and lead to other damage to your engine. A damaged exhaust gasket that isn't doing its job properly can also lead to degraded engine performance, and will prevent your car passing most inspections, so you really should get a replacement at the first sign that your exhaust gasket is on its way out.

The main indication that there is something wrong with the exhaust gasket on your vehicle is unusual noise coming from the exhaust system when the engine is running. Depending on how advanced the deterioration of the gasket is, this can vary from a kind of clicking sound to a full on exhaust roar, and how bad the sound is generally correlates to how badly damaged the gasket is. You should invest in a replacement as soon as you identify that there is an issue, as the problem will worsen over time.

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2009 Nissan Sentra
| Posted by | (Halethorpe, MD)

Compression fit. Gasket takes shape of sealing surface.

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