Dodge Viper Performance Exhausts

A car that is defined by unconventional styling and immense power such as the Dodge Viper serves up wonderful performance at all times. How well you sustain this power and performance throughout your ownership of this muscle car is fully up to you. But not to worry, the ultimate tool to make sure this happens is just a few hundred, to possibly slightly over a thousand, dollars away depending on make. That tool is a brand new aftermarket Dodge Viper exhaust system. Built to give superior performance, Dodge Viper custom exhausts are as fierce as the car itself. The exhaust works better than a stock exhaust system because of its spacious interior, which increases the flow of exhaust gas. This lowers backpressure, which is consistently high when the stock exhaust is in place, and stops the loss of power previously used to dispel spent gases. What you get as a result is greater power output - usually up to 15% extra - and enhanced engine efficiency.

There is no shortage of superior quality custom exhausts for the Dodge Viper. From the Corsa Sport Dodge Viper Cat Back Exhaust System to the Borla Dodge Viper Touring Cat Back Exhaust System and MagnaFlow Dodge Viper Street Series Cat Back Exhaust System, you have plenty of exciting choices to pick from. If you are the type of car owner who goes all-out to get maximum power and performance boosts, combine your exhaust system with the Dodge Viper performance headers and mufflers from Flowmaster and Gibson for an extra 15-20hp. The Viper exhaust note is phenomenal, and Viper custom exhausts simply make this sound more outstanding. What you get once you’ve installed the custom exhaust system in place is a bold growl, which gets more aggressive than the stock exhaust during acceleration, but without any drone.

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