Dodge Ram Exhaust Tips

    About Dodge Ram Performance Exhaust Systems

    Once you get used to a certain type of car, thoughts of replacing it in the near future hardly ever cross your mind. This is the case with the Dodge Ram. Its proven capability makes you want to hold onto it forever. Fitting a custom exhaust system into the car will give you an even more concrete reason to own the car longer. The exhaust system frees up all the unused engine power, giving the car more horsepower with which to perform its daily runs. For guaranteed quality and reliability, get your performance exhaust system from CARiD. The shop has a range of superior quality aftermarket exhaust systems for the Dodge Ram from Borla, CGS and RBP. Also available are performance headers, mufflers, tips and related exhaust components from Banks, dB, Flowmaster, aFe, MBRP, Gibson and MagnaFlow. Singly, the complete exhaust system will give you an extra 10-20% of power and torque. Adding any of the exhaust components listed above tops it off with an extra 10-20hp.

    The benefits of installing a custom exhaust system into your Dodge Ram also include fuel economy, better sound and long term savings. The Ram, hailed for its fuel economy, will give you an extra 1-2mpg with a custom exhaust in place. The exhaust makes this possible by increasing the engine’s efficiency so that it burns fuel more efficiently. Your car will sound a lot better than it did with the stock exhaust system on. Dodge Ram custom exhausts give a more pronounced roar with deeper sound levels, which perfectly complements the truck. Lastly, you will not incur any repair expenses or buy a replacement for your Ram custom exhaust system for the entire period you keep the car. Our exhausts are built to last and sustain their exceptional performance over the years. CARiD ensures that you get the best value form your exhaust system without incurring debilitating maintenance expenses.

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