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    2003 Dodge Neon: DIY
    2003 Dodge Neon: DIY

    You know the story: they don't promote do-it-yourself projects because the more enthusiasts we have and the more how-to's are published, the less money the professional installers get. Still virtually all those who have body shops today started as DIYers. The business flourishes because of the enthusiasts that become professionals. And the professionals may soon be joined by Charlie Lewis, who can surely be pround of his 2003 Dodge Neon. The Neon serves him as both a commuter vehicle and a show car. Charlie says that he's been modifying his Dodge since 2003, doing all the work himself. The car started as a '03 Dodge Neon, and then it turned into a SRT-4 Turbo Edition, nicknamed Chassilac.

    The very first mod that Charlie made about eight years ago was installation of a Panasonic CD player, which was added with two 12" Infinity subwoofers and a 600-watt Jensen amp. In two months after the purchase, Charlie voided the engine warranty by running a 4-gauge power wire through the firewall of the car. A year later, he upgraded the stereo equipment to Pioneer components, including 6.5" door speakers, a pair of 12" Premier subwoofers, and 6x9s on the rear deck. Then he decided to build a custom fiberglass subwoofer boxes and add floating amp ramps. All that took two months to built, paint, install, and finish. Not bad considering that at that time he had no experience. Charlie then got a real passion for modifications, competing in car shows and winning multiple awards.

    Now the Neon, that is powered by a 300 HP 2.4L Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds, reaching the top-speed of 160 mph. Some of the engine mods include Pt Cruiser Transmission, Srt 4 Throttle Body, Srt 4 Exhaust Turbo Manifold, Perrin Inter cooler Piping, Custom Billet Coolant Reservoir, Mopar Stage 1 Fuel Rail, and Greddy Turbo Timer. The wheels that the vehicle runs now are 18'' MR116 Motegis Flat Black with Painted Red Rim Lips. There are also numerous exterior modifications such as Custom Two Tone Paint Job Glossy Black and Metallic Silver, Extreme Dimensions R34 Octane Body Kit, Carbon By Design Carbon Fiber Hood, Matrix Carbon Fiber Duel Exhaust, Diamond Tinted Windows, and Shaved Emblems. And these are just few of the upgrades.