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    Chrysler Plans to Bring Magnum to Life
    Chrysler Plans to Bring Magnum to Life

    According to the New York Times Wheelsblog, it is possible that Chrysler will bring its Dodge Magnum back to life. Moreover, the vehicle may join the SRT lineup. Besides Dodge Magnum it is also expected that the auto maker will revive some other models, which were discontinued during the same period.

    "With the Magnum, we owned the station wagon segment," said Mr. Gilles, the Chrysler design chief. "It was always a pleasure to go to car shows and trade fairs and see the number of Magnums that owners had personalized with such obvious loving care." Ralph Gilles also explained why the company killed one of its flagships. “That vehicle was single-handedly killed by one executive who is no longer with the company. He’s retired. A lot of people in the company still like that vehicle — a lot,” said Ralph Gilles. “A lot of things that weren’t possible back then, now are.”

    Being introduced in 2004 as a station wagon, the Dodge Magnum had too less time to prove it was worth the cost. Three years later the auto manufacturer decided to discontinue the model. In November 2007 the officials announced that the Crossfire, Dodge Magnum, Pacifica and PT Cruiser Convertible would be kicked off the brand's lineup. It was a part of the restructuring plan and a result of the company's bankruptcy. In March 2008 the last Magnum rolled off the line.

    Currently Chrysler is busy with reviving the SRT lineup. It is said that closer to the end of this year the automaker is going to deliver four SRT8 models - Chrysler 300, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger – to the dealerships.