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    Dodge Intrepid NASCAR Racer

    It’s no secret that NASCAR stock cars are anything but stock. Thus, the NASCAR Dodge Intrepid shares only model name with its street counterpart. This is what the popular magazine Car and Driver found out while having a closer look at Jeremy Mayfield's No. 19 Dodge Intrepid stock car.

    Because NASCAR engineering is all about innovation and creativity, the team that worked on the Intrepid didn’t tell everything to journalists. However, they revealed some details on the Intrepid’s V-8: the engine has an iron block, aluminum cylinder heads, and pushrods to operate the two-valve cylinders. The maximum allowed displacement is 5.9 liters. It’s clear that the powerunit has nothing in common with Dodge's streetgoing Hemi V-8. Evernham's team juggles the bore and stoke, the valve lift and timing, and adjusts the carburetor to tailor the power curves to different tracks. Precise horsepower was not revealed, but it's somewhere between 750 and 825, according to CaD’s estimation.

    The tests conducted by Car and Driver proved that the NASCAR Dodge Intrepid features much sophistication in aerodynamics, yet it can be beaten by street Viper and Corvette when it comes to how hard a car grips the pavement when cornering. The team of automotive journalists came to conclusion that a Cup car is both sophisticated and crude.“It's crude in its basic design but sophisticated in the engineering that goes into optimizing some of those ancient-looking parts.”