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    The Dakota was the first ever smaller pickup truck produced by Dodge and it offered a smooth ride with predictable handling on the road. Additionally, it was their first mid-size pickup truck to be packed with a powerful V8 engine. It is an excellent pickup, especially if you tow or do a lot of heavy hauling and don’t want the size of a larger, heavy-duty pickup truck. The bottom line, you’ve got yourself a great and reliable pickup truck with an impressive towing/hauling capacity and powerful engine, that is not only good for contractors, but families as well.

    Your Dodge Dakota pickup truck is definitely a workhorse that was made for power and performance, and if you want more than the standard factory accessories, well then, you are in the right place. At CARiD you’ll find a huge selection of heavy-duty Dodge Dakota bed accessories which have been specifically manufactured to withstand wear and tear appearing during loading and unloading tasks. We have everything to turn your conventional truck into an ultimate and mean work machine. Most of the truck accessories that we carry not only add useful functions, but additionally give the exterior a tough appearance.

    Unlock your pickup truck's full useful potential and turn it into a Swiss Army knife on wheels. Make your cargo easier to load, stow, organize, retrieve, and secure with the full line of truck bed accessories available from CARiD. Check over 6 bed accessories reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessories that are perfect for your pickup.

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    Pickup trucks are designed to be very practical, but there’s definitely nothing pleasant about the tools rattling in a truck bed while driving. There’s as well nothing good about leaving equipment and other stuff out in the open, making it vulnerable to the extremes of weather and, even worse, theft.
    Truck Bed RackTruck Bed Rack
    Ladder rack, bed rack, pipe rack – no matter how you choose to call it, this accessory is definitely a very useful and valuable aftermarket product one can ever imagine. This is especially true for carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, contractors, and other pros who use racks for whatever reason (e.g., for hauling tools, equipment, and cargo to the job site and from there, etc.) Same as any other piece of the latest job equipment, a bed rack has to perform the required job, and it’s design should keep pace with modern technology; otherwise, it’s off to the scrap heap.

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    2009 Dodge Dakota
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    "Fits perfectly. If you don't want to climb in the back of the bed to retrieve items and you have a bed cover this works great. Thanks CARiD for great customer service and overall quality of products."

    1999 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "I'm pretty happy with the purchase. They were merely inserts to block the handle, and thus can be forced open. The thing I like about PL3600 is when locked, you can pull the handle and it will swing... it just won't open till you unlock it (same concept as our door locks.) "

    1987 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "This is the best bed mat on the market right now. The installation was quick and easy, and looks great. Perfect fit and very good quality. Have a cover so didn't even need to use the velcro to attach it to the bed. Easy to clean, and things no longer slide around the bed. If you are looking to protect the things riding in the back of your truck, then I recommend this mat."