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    Getting in and out of your high truck can be hard, especially for the elderly, children and people with injuries. If you want to make getting in and getting out of your Dodge Dakota easier for you and your family, then you need to fit some top quality Dodge Dakota running boards that will provide an extra step to make getting into the high seats of the truck easy to do gracefully! Whether you want full Dodge Dakota custom side steps or more subtle nerf bars, we have a fantastic range for all of the Dakota models, so you are certain to find something here that will look superb on your truck and which you can easily install.

    All of these accessories have been carefully chosen from leading brands to ensure they offer the best strength and durability, and as you will see, we have a fantastic range of designs and styles that will look good on your vehicle. All of our Dodge Dakota nerf bars and side steps are chosen to provide the durability you need, at the best prices, and also come with full, easy to follow installation instructions to help you with a simple and safe installation. Check out our range for your Dodge Dakota model and choose your new running boards today!

    Do you really enjoy the process of getting in and out of your vehicle? Isn't is too high? Aren't you tired of all that climbing and jumping? We know how to bring the joy back. A set of durable running boards will easily do the trick. The side steps that we've selected for you not only promise a safe and reliable stepping surface, but also offer a new and stylish look. Nerf bars, running boards, side steps, and side tubes - they all are here, gathered under one roof and waiting for you. Read over 18 running boards and side step reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to choose the accessory that is perfect for your vehicle and for your needs.

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    Customer Reviews
    2004 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "The bars look great on my truck and they were so easy to install, and I checked around at several places, and CARiD beat everybody's price by over a hundred dollars!"

    2006 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "The Tuff-Bars were delivered in a very timely manner and in great condition. I installed them on the first weekend after receiving them. I am very satisfied with the quality of your product."

    2011 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "Product looks pretty good in appearance, and was pretty much easy to install (need a good solid wrench to remove factory installed bolts). Price to ship to Puerto Rico is high, compared with what people pay in the US. Time will tell about the quality. Overall, I'm pretty much satisfied with the purchase."

    2008 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "To install these nerf-bars on your Dodge, you'd better have a mechanic. Plus, some drilling has to be done on the rear braces. If you can get through all th lip-biting, you're going to have the greatest set of nerf-bars."

    1998 Dodge Dakota
    Posted by

    "The best thing about the Aries Nerf Bars was the service and the help I received over the phone. The only trouble I had installing them was that my truck is a '98' Dakota and some nuts were quite rusty on the bolts underneath the carriage. They look sharp."