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    Dodge to Give Birth to the Next-Gen Dakota
    Dodge to Give Birth to the Next-Gen Dakota

    Dodge gave the green light to start the production of the next generation Dakota pickup truck, that will be based on the front-wheel-drive architecture. The future Dodge Dakota is expected to be based on the Chrysler van platform and will have the freshened exterior and upgraded interior.

    The new vehicle will be built at Chrysler's truck plant in Windsor, Ontario, which also continues the production of Ram trucks. The plant produces around 300,000 vans annually for such automotive giants as Dodge, Volkswagen, and Chrysler. It is not much known about the vehicle, which will displace the unmarketable midsize pickup that is currently on offer.

    The 2012 Dodge Dakota will be equipped with the 3.9-liter displacement overhead valves V6 engine, that comes in pair with a five-speed manual gearbox. The maximum towing capacity is 4,950 pounds.