Dodge Colt Trailer Hitches

Trailer hitches are a great asset to add onto your car. They can be used to not only pull trailers, but also boats, cargo and other automobiles. Trailer hitches vary in size, build, style and weight capacity. While one hitch will have a high enough weight capacity to tow a trailer if you’re moving, you can use another one of a lower weight capacity to store your bikes or other sports gear. Browse through the Dodge Colt trailer hitches at CARiD to find one that works best for you. If you’re a major bike rider, an item like the Dodge Colt Universal Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier by Lund is a great item to look into. This hitch has a platform of 20x60 inches and a loading capacity of 500 lbs. It comes in a black powder coat finish which helps to ensure corrosion resistance. You and a few friends can use this hitch to load your bikes quickly and easily before you go on a ride. They’re also great for those who love water sports. The right trailer hitch will make it easy to load up jet skis or other water mobiles that you can enjoy.

Another great reason to use a trailer hitch is for tailgating. Using a hitch enables any major sports fan to be able to tailgate before their favorite teams play. The proper hitch will allow you to bring all of the items you need for a tailgate party. Some items that a good hitch will ably support in one load are a grill, cooking supplies, meat, beverages and even camping gear. The Dodge Colt Hatchback Class 1 Concealed Rear Trailer Hitch with a Fixed Draw by CURT is great for tailgating. This particular hitch has a carrying weight capacity of 1000 lbs and a tongue weight of 100 lbs. It has a gloss powder coat finishes which helps it retain amazing corrosion resistance.

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