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    The Dodge Charger is a great car, and many people invested in one of these spectacular vehicles while they were on the market because of their ability to drive like a truck. Many people have used these vehicles for off road racing as well as obstacle course driving and scenic tours through natures less travelled roads. Because a car sits lower to the ground than a truck does, investing in a set of our off road bumpers is a good idea because if you get stuck, getting out will be easy. Also, if you live in a rural area that has a lot of wildlife, your vehicle will be better protected if you ever happen to hit something while driving down your dark road at night.

    Since we only sell the very best in off road bumpers, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a durable and quality product for your hard earned money. One you see how great our off road bumpers are, you’ll want to get one for every vehicle you have and everyone you know!

    We, at CARiD, recognize that needs differ, which is why we strive to provide you with a huge collection of top-quality aftermarket parts that not only are stylish but are manufactured to the exacting quality standards too. So, if you want your vehicle to look like a million bucks street racing car night and day, and feel confident sitting inside this alluring thing, our web-store is the place that will make it happen. The only you should do is to check over 3 bumper and valance reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find the part that will keep your vehicle looking and working great for a long time.

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    2010 Dodge Charger
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    "Unit was in very good condition. The front bumper hangs perfectly with existing grill/fenders aligned. Only issue was that most holes were not drilled and some were not even outlined. Need to be careful because just a little off on drilling the holes can ruin the fit. Also, the example pic on the web shows a lower mesh grill between the fogs - that was not the case. Looks great on the car, can't wait to paint."