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The Dodge Charger is manufactured by Dodge. There are several major platforms and sizes all bearing the Charger name. Charger name is tied to its high performance and streamline design. This model line consists of two-door mid-sized cars, subcompact models of 83-87 and full-sized sedans. First Charger was presented in 1965, then it was redesigned in 1968 bringing new cool features like aerodynamic shape, hidden headlights and split grill – exactly these models are often seen in popular racing movies. In 2006 Dodge breathed new life in Charger; new models had 4 doors, more fuel efficient engine but retained an aggressive look and driving experience.

Charger’s Chassis Frame is the main backbone of the car and is very important. The engine, suspension and body are attached to it. In case of accident frame can get damaged or bended even if the car body was straightened out, frame integrity still can be compromised, which can lead to other problems in the future. Our site is offering rigid Chassis Frames that are safe and affordable. All frames are made out of quality sheet metal that is well-welded together. If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you, our experts are available seven days a week.

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