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When you pull the handle to open the door, you rarely think of what actually keeps the door operating properly. The door hardware is a complex system that consists of numerous parts – latches, hinges, regulators, handles, etc., which perform a range of functions. If one part fails, the car owner will have to deal with various issues. While certain malfunctions, like a flopping handle, are merely irritating, procrastination will lead to major problems. Don’t wait for the consequences to strike, grab a set of brand new parts and replace the failing equipment.

One of the key features of the Dodge Challenger is its outstanding appearance. The designers managed to create a masterpiece and now it is up to you to preserve the stunning exterior. Unfortunately, the side panels are covered in dents and scratches when exposed to the harmful influence of the environment. The changes are hard to notice at first, but as they are accumulated, the overall impression from the car is ruined. The drivers are often deterred by the high prices of the spare parts produced by the original equipment maker and leave the issue until later. We stock the affordable Dodge Challenger doors, panels, and hardware produced by the biggest names in the industry, including Omix-Ada, Replace, and Goodmark. The spare parts we offer are produced from premium materials with the use of innovative solutions, thus, high quality of the accessories is ensured by the manufacturer.

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