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Iridium Spark Plug (W0133-1631822-ND) by Denso®. SK20HR-11 ND. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not what it used to be? Your ignition system may need repair, but before you waste your time and gas running out to the auto parts chain store, check out our great selection of replacement ignition system parts. With just a phone call or a few clicks of the mouse you can have OE quality ignition system parts, at great prices, delivered to your door in just 1-2 days.


  • OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers
  • Fast shipping; 1-2 day delivery time regardless of where you’re located
  • The finest quality at a great price
  • We carry everything needed to complete the job
  • Order from the comfort of your home or office
  • Hassle-free 30-day return policy

When you need to repair your ignition system you can battle the traffic and stand in line at the auto parts chain store, only to be told that what you need is out of stock and has to be ordered. And if they have the parts can you be assured of the quality? Do you recognize the name on the box? And how do you know if you’re getting the best price?

You won’t have those concerns with our replacement ignition system parts. We carry only top name products from well-known OE and aftermarket suppliers. In fact, many of our manufacturers are suppliers to the vehicle manufacturers, so the parts you get from us may be the same as the ones that came on your car or truck. We carry everything from spark plugs and wires for routine tune-ups, to distributors and coils. And if you’re craving more than stock power, we can also offer you parts to upgrade your ignition system, from high voltage coils to multi-spark discharge ignition modules that will provide more complete combustion, for more power and performance, and better fuel mileage.

And the best part is you can have these top quality parts, at the best prices, with just a few clicks of the mouse or a call to one of our knowledgeable sales associates. No traffic, no standing in line, order from the comfort of your home or office. And our extensive network of warehouses ensures that it’s never more than 1-2 days from the time you place your order to when you receive your parts. With our ignition parts you can schedule the repair when it’s convenient for you.

We’re so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with the quality of our parts and service that we offer a hassle-free 30-day return policy. If you’re dissatisfied in any way, just return your unused purchase in its original packaging for a complete refund.

Brand: Denso       Part Number: W0133-1631822-ND
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Vehicle FitmentThis part is compatible with 148 vehicle(s)
Year Make Model Fitment Notes
2015 Volvo S80    3.0L
2015 Volvo XC60    3.2L 3.0L
2015 Volvo XC70    3.2L 3.0L
2014 Lexus GX    Base / Premium
2014 Lexus LX
2014 Toyota Land Cruiser
2014 Toyota Sequoia
2014 Toyota Tundra    345 CID 4.0L / 4.6L
2014 Volvo S80    3.0L / 3.2L
2014 Volvo XC60    3.2L 3.0L
2014 Volvo XC70
2014 Volvo XC90
2013 Lexus GX
2013 Lexus LX
2013 Toyota 4Runner
2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2013 Toyota Land Cruiser
2013 Toyota Sequoia
2013 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2013 Toyota Tundra    5.7L 4.6L 4.0L
2013 Volvo C30
2013 Volvo C70
2013 Volvo S80    3.0L / 3.2L
2013 Volvo XC60    3.2L 3.0L
2013 Volvo XC70
2013 Volvo XC90
2012 Lexus GX
2012 Toyota 4Runner
2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2012 Toyota Sequoia
2012 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2012 Toyota Tundra    4.6L 4.0L; 4.6L; 345 CID
2012 Volvo C30
2012 Volvo C70
2012 Volvo S80    3.0L / 3.2L
2012 Volvo XC60    3.2L 3.0L
2012 Volvo XC70
2012 Volvo XC90
2011 Lexus GX
2011 Toyota 4Runner
2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2011 Toyota Land Cruiser
2011 Toyota Sequoia
2011 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2011 Toyota Tundra    5.7L 4.0L
2011 Volvo C30
2011 Volvo C70
2011 Volvo S40
2011 Volvo S80
2011 Volvo V50
2011 Volvo XC60    3.78" Engine Stroke 3.0L
2011 Volvo XC70
2011 Volvo XC90    3.2L
2010 Lexus GX
2010 Lexus LX
2010 Toyota 4Runner    4.0L
2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2010 Toyota Land Cruiser
2010 Toyota Sequoia    345 CID 4608 CC
2010 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2010 Toyota Tundra    5.7L 4.6L
2010 Volvo C30    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2010 Volvo C70
2010 Volvo S40    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2010 Volvo S80    3.0L / 3.2L
2010 Volvo V50
2010 Volvo V70
2010 Volvo XC60    3.78" Engine Stroke 3.0L
2010 Volvo XC70
2010 Volvo XC90    3.2L
2009 Lexus LX
2009 Saab 9-3    Aero
2009 Subaru Legacy    3.0L
2009 Subaru Outback    3.0L
2009 Toyota Land Cruiser
2009 Toyota Sequoia    5.7L
2009 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2009 Toyota Tundra    5.7L
2009 Volvo C30    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2009 Volvo C70
2009 Volvo S40    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2009 Volvo S60    2.4L
2009 Volvo S80    3.0L / 3.2L
2009 Volvo V50
2009 Volvo V70
2009 Volvo XC70
2009 Volvo XC90    3.2L
2008 Lexus LX
2008 Saab 9-3    B284 Engine
2008 Subaru Forester    Turbocharged
2008 Subaru Legacy    3.0L
2008 Subaru Outback    3.0L
2008 Toyota Land Cruiser
2008 Toyota Sequoia    5.7L
2008 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2008 Toyota Tundra    4.0L / 5.7L
2008 Volvo C30    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2008 Volvo C70
2008 Volvo S40    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2008 Volvo S60    2435 CC
2008 Volvo S80    3.0L / 3.2L
2008 Volvo V50
2008 Volvo V70
2008 Volvo XC70
2008 Volvo XC90    3.2L
2007 Saab 9-3    2.8L
2007 Subaru Forester    Turbocharged
2007 Subaru Outback    3.0L
2007 Subaru Tribeca
2007 Subaru WRX    WRX / WRX STI
2007 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2007 Toyota Tundra    5.7L
2007 Volvo C30
2007 Volvo C70
2007 Volvo S40    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2007 Volvo S60    2435 CC; B5254T4 Engine
2007 Volvo S80    3.2L
2007 Volvo V50    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2007 Volvo V70    B5254T4 Engine
2007 Volvo XC90    3.2L
2006 Saab 9-2    Turbocharged
2006 Saab 9-3    2.8L
2006 Subaru Baja    Turbocharged
2006 Subaru Forester    Turbocharged
2006 Subaru Outback    3.0L
2006 Subaru Tribeca
2006 Subaru WRX    WRX / WRX STI
2006 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2006 Volvo C70
2006 Volvo S40    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2006 Volvo S60    B5244T5 Engine / B5254T4 Engine
2006 Volvo V50    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2006 Volvo V70    B5254T4 Engine
2005 Subaru Baja    Turbocharged
2005 Subaru Forester    Turbocharged
2005 Subaru Outback    3.0L
2005 Subaru WRX    WRX STI
2005 Toyota Tacoma    2.7L
2005 Volvo S40    3.54" Engine Stroke / 3.55" Engine Stroke
2005 Volvo S60    B5244T5 Engine / B5254T4 Engine
2005 Volvo V50    2.4L; 3.26" Engine Bore
2005 Volvo V70    B5244T5 Engine / B5254T4 Engine
2004 Subaru Baja    Turbocharged
2004 Subaru Forester    Turbocharged
2004 Subaru WRX    WRX STI
2004 Volvo S40    2.4L; 3.55" Engine Stroke
2004 Volvo S60    B5254T4 Engine
2004 Volvo V70    B5254T4 Engine
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