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    Daewoo autos are among the most fuel efficient and compact cars on the road. Proper exhaust performance is critical with the small engines that are used in these automobiles. A single leak can cause major horsepower loss, which not only robs you of power but also increases fuel consumption. Forget about visiting your dealer for exhaust parts – they charge way too much compared to us, and many other online resources. Shipping is never an issue when you give us your business – we ship the part to you within two business days in most cases, meaning your exhaust will be running super-quiet again in as little time as possible!

    We feature only the best parts for your Daewoo's exhaust, including brands like Donga, Bosal, and DEC. Your Daewoo has one of the smallest catalytic converters ever installed on a vehicle, making this a unique and tricky part to source from aftermarket suppliers. DEC has you covered though. Their (very) affordable “49 State” OBDI Catalytic Converter is priced way below retail cost, made to last, and will install just like a dealer part would. The rust-resistant flanges are made to be an exact fit with your existing equipment, and the internals are made from the very best platinum, palladium, and ceramic. That's just the tip of the ice-burg: There's plenty more Daewoo exhaust components listed inside just for you!

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